Who was Abdulbaki Erol?

Abdulbaki Erol was a revered figure in the spiritual landscape of the Menzil sect. Born on May 2, 1949, in the Menzil Village, Adiyaman, Turkey, he came to prominence as the sheikh of the sect, a position he assumed after the death of his elder brother, Seyyid Muhammed Rasid Erol, in 1993.

Often referred to by the title of Gavs-I Sani, Abdulbaki Erol was considered the 30th descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. He devoted his life to spiritual guidance, influencing countless lives through his teachings within the Menzil community.

Abdulbaki Erol Obituary

Abdulbaki Erol’s passing on July 12, 2023, has left a profound void in the community. The esteemed spiritual leader died at the age of 74 at Emsey Hospital in Pendik, Istanbul. The exact cause of his demise has not been disclosed yet.

News of Erol’s passing has resonated deeply within the Menzil community. He was a guiding light for many, and his teachings will continue to inspire his followers and shape the spiritual direction of the community.

What Happened to Abdulbaki Erol?

Abdulbaki Erol’s departure from the world came as a shock to his followers. Undergoing treatment at Emsey Hospital, he succumbed on July 12, 2023. The exact cause of his death remains unknown.

A pillar of wisdom and spiritual strength, Erol’s demise has been felt deeply within the Menzil community. His teachings and philosophies formed the spiritual backbone of the community, and his absence will be profoundly felt.

Abdulbaki Erol Dead

The sheikh of the Menzil sect, Abdulbaki Erol, has indeed departed from this life. His death at the age of 74 on July 12, 2023, has deeply affected the Menzil community. As the news spread, tributes and condolences for the beloved spiritual leader started pouring in from all corners.

Erol’s teachings and wisdom have left an indelible mark on his followers. His absence creates a significant gap in the Menzil sect, but his memory and influence will continue to inspire generations to come.

How Did Abdulbaki Erol Die?

The specific details surrounding Erol’s death remain undisclosed. As a young man, he battled tuberculosis, for which he underwent treatment in Ankara. However, whether his past illness played a part in his demise is unclear.

Regardless of the cause, Erol’s death has sparked a wave of mourning within the Menzil community. The focus now is on remembering his contributions and teachings, which have had a profound influence on the spiritual lives of his followers.


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