Former partner Hiba Abouk gave the divorce to the Moroccan footballer. The Spanish actress sued the PSG star in court to finalize settlements. According to reports the Spanish actress demanded that Hakimi give up more than half his assets and fortune.

In a shocking turn of events, the Moroccan managed to preserve his wealth. Hakimi named his mother as his beneficiary for all of his assets. Hakimi gives his mother 80% of the monthly PSG salary he receives, which is around 1 million euros.

After the recent allegations of sexual assault against Hakimi the relationship between the Moroccan and Abouk began to deteriorate. The Spanish actress said they were already a couple before the allegations, but that the accusations were the last straw.

PSG will not investigate PSG’s Galtier

Paris Saint-Germain has confirmed that it will not investigate manager Christophe Galtier. The Frenchman was under scrutiny because of alleged remarks he made while he managed OGC Nice.

During his time at Nice, Galtier was accused saying “too few Black and Muslim players“. The Frenchman denied these allegations and said he would take legal action against “insulting comments and defamatory remarks” . The Parisian club insisted they would not act against their manager.

Achraf hakimi is regarded as one of the top right backs on the planet. PSG signed him for EUR60m in 2021. He currently earns EUR280,000 per week. The Moroccan has no property in his name.

Hakimi’s wife Hiba filed for divorce when the 24-year-old was accused of sexual abuse. She approached the court to ask for a settlement which included half of football star’s assets. It was found that the footballer had no assets.

Hakimi registered all of his assets and property under the name of his mother Sadia Mouth. The Moroccan Moroccan is worth virtually nothing legally.

A report said: “Achraf’s wife filed a divorce with the court and asked them to divide the assets in court. After the divorce, and after they had agreed to divide the assets, it was discovered that Achraf and the bank did not have any assets. Achraf had long ago put his entire fortune into his mother’s account .”

Formerly, the famous defender had been accused of raping a female guest who he invited to his home while his family and wife were in Dubai. Since then, the Moroccan International has been investigated to find out the truth behind the allegations.

Hiba Abouk made a statement following her divorce filing from Achraf Haskimi

Hiba Abouk released a statement following the divorce of Achraf hakimi. The actress revealed she had made her decision to split from the

She said the following about her divorce: After making the decision to separate legally and stop living together while waiting for divorce proceedings, who could have imagined that I would also have to accept the grief of the failure to complete a family project that I had given my body and soul to, as well as the pain of the separation and the disappointment that comes from the failure to finish a project that I have dedicated myself to.

She continued to emphasize her opposition to the accusations against Hakimi, saying: “It is still important that we trust in justice.” In my life, I have been and always will be on the victim’s side .”. The conclusion seemed to indicate that Abouk was on the young woman who accused Hakimi of committing the crime.


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