As the final episodes of “Ahsoka”, a Disney Plus series, approach their conclusion, there is a buzz in the galaxy. We know little about the seventh episode’s content and have no idea when it will air. Let’s dive deeper.

Recapping episode 6: Stellar Moments

Fans were left with mixed feelings after the latest episode, “Far Far Away”. It was a great episode, with the grandiose introduction of Grand Admiral Thrawn and the teasing of Ezra’s new rugged look. But it had some moments that left fans puzzled. The underwhelming reunion of Sabine and Ezra, and the growing storyline surrounding Nightsisters. The portrayal of Thrawn by Lars Mikkelson is a nod to “Star Wars Rebels'” fans. It exudes the same essence, mystery and intrigue that “Shadow Warrior”, episode from “The Clone Wars,” gave its dedicated fanbase.

Episode 7 Teasers

The seventh episode of “Ahsoka”, as the season nears its end, is expected to be the one that sets the scene for the grand final. The menacing Grand Admiral Thrawn hints at an upcoming galactic conquest. This ambitious leader is poised to reclaim the position of the Empire’s successor. Fans are anticipating major plot developments, intense action and answers to their burning questions with only two episodes left.

Release Dates and Locations:

Disney Plus airs new episodes of Ahsoka every Tuesday night. This shift from the usual Wednesday morning slot allows the episodes to be aired during primetime in the US.

Here is a breakdown of the top 10 games for fans around the world:

  • US Timings : From 3:00 pm HST to 9: 00 pm ET. ET, depending on the region.
  • European Viewers : Early morning hours in Europe range from 2:00 am BST (UK) to 3.00 am CEST (Spain, Germany and Italy).
  • Asian fans: 6:30 am IST (Indian Standard Time) to 11 am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

This ensures that fans around the world can watch the same episode at the same time, regardless of their location.

How To Watch

Disney Plus is the only place to watch “Ahsoka”. To watch this Star Wars series, you will need to subscribe to the platform. Disney Plus has a strategic release schedule that releases episodes every Tuesday night. Next week will mark the release of Episode 8, concluding this season’s series.

Fans worldwide eagerly anticipate “Ahsoka: Episode 7.” As its conclusion nears, expectations are rapidly mounting for this installment of “Ahsoka.” Only time will tell if Episode 7 meets expectations and sets up the grand finale. One thing is certain – Star Wars promises another spectacular show this time around!


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