Alexee Trevizo baby picture graphic is described in detail below. Also, we briefly described her case and the baby’s autopsy.

Was the baby’s picture a graphic? Recently, people have been talking about the baby’s picture on the Internet. The United States as well as people from around the world are at a complete loss of words. Unaware people want to know why the picture is so graphic and what happened to that baby. This article will explain the Alexee Trevizo baby picture graphic.

What’s in the Graphic Baby Picture of Alexee

After the viral incident with Alexee’s baby, many images of her are being circulated. The pictures were described as disturbing and beyond all expectations by several people who saw them.

Some people claim that the images are real, while others say they are fakes. They suggest that people deliberately gather distressing photos of babies to attract attention. Unknown is the source of the widely distributed baby photo.

Alexee Baby Picture Trashcan Detail

Artesia Police reported on Trevizo’s baby and the picture began to circulate in December. Trevizo sought medical attention for her back pain at the emergency room. Doctors determined that she was pregnant after undergoing lab tests. She is now in labor.

Trevizo, in response to the revelation, retreated into a bathroom, where she gave birth to a boy on 27 January. Investigators found that Trevizo had hidden the baby in a bag and placed it discreetly among other objects. The baby was discovered dead at a later date, after Trevizo left the hospital.

What was found in the baby autopsy ?

According to an autopsy report the baby’s death is attributed to suffocation caused by being confined in a bag. Before this incident, the baby had been breathing. This evidence supported the claim of maternal homicide and led to the death being classified as such.

In a TikTok post by @thejadedesquire body camera footage shows the confrontation where Alexee was confronted about the discovery of the remains. Law enforcement arrested her immediately in response to this horrifying act she committed and to obtain Baby Autopsy.


It is not known if the baby picture that is being circulated on social media is the Alexee Baby Picture. The majority of pictures were removed due to their graphic content.


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