Andrew Tate launches into a rant against internet degenerates that scam people with crypto businesses. Tate’s massive fan base has led crypto scammers to sell coins online using his name.

Andrew called people who trade cryptos losers, degenerates and lazy who don’t work hard for money in a recent video on Twitter. Tate said that these people just cheat others to make easy money and don’t benefit the world.

He said, “Crypto-Twitter is full of losers.” These are people who don’t want to work hard and just want to make money. Even if these people make money, they will have a zero percent positive net impact on the planet. Tate added: “Crypto’s bullshit. The gambling on crypto coins and playing like a degenerate loser does nothing. “I strongly recommend that you stop doing this.”

Top G advised his fans and supporters to stay away these crypto scammers, and to do something that will make the world a better place.

Andrew Tate declined $30 million in order to promote cryptocoins to his followers

Top G’s relationship to crypto has become a hot topic for many. Tate has a large following and is influential, so many people are curious about his opinion on cryptocurrency.

Tate is an avid user of crypto-coins, but only has the major ones like Bitcoin and does not get involved with smaller and newer coins because he believes they are scams. Tate tweeted last month that he had been offered $30 million for a coin, but he declined because he did not want to scan the loyal followers he has.

“I have 2.5 million people on my list.” I was offered 30,000,000 for the emailing of a crypto to pump it.I refused.I refuse scam. Refuse. I do not sell my spirit like everyone else,” wrote Tate.
Influencers and celebrities who are well-known have promoted crypto currencies and faced the consequences when they failed. Andrew, however, is smart and realizes that all of these scams are a fraud and does not want to be involved.


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