The spotlight is often a place where love comes and goes. Olivia Jade and Jacob Elordi’s relationship has been no exception. We explore the reasons for the separation, as well as the timing and the future of the couple.

Was it a real relationship or just casual dating?

Last year, the couple was photographed in a coffee shop. Throughout the months they have been seen doing quintessential activities as a couple, such as walking Olivia Jade’s dog Layla and relaxing in comfortable sweatpants. Sources indicate, however, that their relationship may not have been as serious as it appeared.

Us Weekly reported that sources had stated that both Elordi, and Olivia Jade did not wish to be tied down romantically. Sources were quite clear about Elordi’s intentions. They described his time with Olivia Jade simply as “hanging out.”

Mixed Signals, or just a long hookup?

One might wonder if the relationship was just an extended hookup, or if there were mixed messages. It’s hard to tell where the line was between a blossoming romance and simply enjoying each other.

How are they handling the breakup?

Olivia Jade seems to be doing well despite the breakup. She’s reportedly having a good time with her friends and embracing her newly single status. Page Six was informed by a source that she does not engage in the stereotypical post-breakup ice cream binge.

What’s Next in Jacob Elordi’s Love Life?

Jacob Elordi’s had a number of high-profile affairs. He dated Zendaya before Olivia Jade and was linked with model Kaia Gerber for an entire year. Sources claim that Elordi does not want to pursue another serious relationship. He is said to focus on his budding acting career.

What is the future of their respective careers?

Elordi’s career is at a high point. He is starring in several films, including “Saltburn,” which was directed by Emerald Fennell (promising young woman) and starred Rosamund Pike. He will also appear in the third series of HBO’s Euphoria.

Olivia Jade will continue to grow her influencer platform and is likely to do so more in the coming months. Now that this brief relationship is behind her, she may be able to concentrate more on her career goals.

Is the relationship doomed by default?

The reported reasons for the split and the fact that neither of the parties seem to be in any way upset raises the possibility that the relationship was always destined to end quickly. Elordi, like Olivia Jade, seems to be in a phase of their lives when career is more important than settling down into a relationship.

Jacob Elordi’s relationship with Olivia Jade was more casual than serious. Both stars are now focusing on their careers and seem to have moved on from their brief romance.


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