A$AP Rocky is a prominent figure in the hip hop scene. Rakim Mayers, born on October 3, 1998, was his birth name. Rocky, also known as Lord Flacko, is a distinguished record-producer. He attributes A$AP Mob Crew, an Harlem based collective of rappers and producers, as being key in helping him establish himself within the music industry.

When did A$AP Rocky begin his career?

Rocky’s entry into the rap world was anything but normal. After a difficult childhood that was marked by homelessness and incarceration, as well as tragic family events, Rocky sought refuge in music. He began writing lyrics at age 12 that reflected his life struggles. The A$AP Mob Crew was pivotal in his career. Two singles, “Peso”, and “Purple Swag”, released in 2011, became instant hits. He received a record contract worth $3 million and catapulted him to prominence.

What were some of the notable events that occurred in his early career as a musician?

Rocky’s journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Just weeks before appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to perform “Goldie”, he found himself arrested following an alleged fight he may or may not have had with someone. Yet Rocky rose above this hurdle with compelling performances of “Goldie”, Live. A$AP,” his debut album which reached number one of Billboard 200 charts as well as his clothing line ASAP in 2015.

What has A$AP Rocky’s music evolved into?

Live. Live. Rocky’s versatility was showcased through later works, not A$AP. Although “A.L.L.A” debuted atop of Billboard 200 chart initially, its sales quickly declined after receiving critical reception and critics. Not one to give up easily Rocky quickly returned with his 2018 album Testinf which debuted at No 4; collaborations with Drake, Kid Cudi and Lana Del Rey cemented him as an innovative artist who explored new territory.

What’s Next for A$AP Rocky

Rocky is not content to rest on his laurels. He recently announced a new studio album entitled, “Don’t Be Dumb”. Fans can expect to hear music that is both innovative and unique, spanning genres.

A$AP Rocky’s rise to fame as a hip-hop sensation from the Harlem streets is a testament to his talent, resilience and unflinching passion for music.


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