Cristiano Cristiano Georgina Rodriquez owns a lot of property. The couple is renting out their La Finca mansion. The house was bought by the Portuguese star in 2010 during his time at Real Madrid FC.

According to reports, the mansion can be rented for an incredible EUR10,000 per monthly. La Finca, one of the most prestigious areas in the city, is also home to many Los Blancos (white people) and Colchoneros. This one-story house has 8600 square feet and seven bedrooms. It also has eight bathrooms. Multiple cameras monitor the mansion for security.

According to reports, the Portuguese superstar purchased the house for $6.8 million dollars. The Portuguese forward owns eight properties spread across different cities. Ronaldo owns seven properties in Europe and one property in New York.

In case you missed out: Sonia Monroy is Cristiano Ronaldo’s former girlfriend.

Ronaldo’s major properties

Ronaldo purchased eight properties altogether. The Portuguese residence in Saudi Arabia at the moment is not known. When the Al-Nassr striker first arrived in the Middle East he was staying with his family at the Four Seasons Hotel. Ronaldo, his entourage and the hotel occupied 17 suites from the 48th to the 50th floors.

The Portuguese striker also owns a property located in New York. Ronaldo has a three bedroom apartment in the Trump Tower, Manhattan. The football legend owns property both in Turin and Turin, where the former Juventus player lived during his time there.

The Portuguese also owns five other properties in their country. The most significant of all is his “retirement house”, as it is called by many outlets. Ronaldo has a seven-story apartment in Madeira where he was raised. The mother of the forward spends most her time at the seven-story apartment.


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