Shaik Rasheed played a major role in the 41st match between Chennai Super Kings and Punjab Kings during the 16th edition of Indian Premier League. CSK’s fielder, who was brought in as a sub, made one of the most impressive catches ever in tournament history. Rasheed’s catch of Jitesh Sharma was just centimetres away from the boundary cushions.

The Punjab Kings batsman lost his form as he tried to loft the slower full toss of Tushar Dehpande. As a result, the ball soared high into the air and was aimed at long-on. Rasheed, meanwhile, settled under the ball to catch it comfortably. The momentum, however, was bringing him closer to his ropes. Rasheed had to keep his boots centimetres from the cushion.

The decision was clearly referred to the television umpire, who viewed the situation from all angles before ruling the batter out. Some fans thought that the fielder should not have been out because he had touched the cushion at the boundary. Some were also impressed.

CSK loses though!

Punjab Kings beat the four-time champions by four wickets. Matheesha Pathirana gave away six runs in the first five deliveries of the final over. Sikandar Raza, however, showed steely nerves on the last ball to sneak in three runs and win the match.


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