Gerard Pique travels to Miami to see his daughters, Milan and Sasha. This year, the former Barcelona star parted ways with Columbian pop singer Shakira. According to reports, ‘only Gerard Pique’ was spotted at Miami International Airport. The Spaniard wore a casual tee-shirt, jeans and a pair sunglass.

After spending his holiday in the Middle East with his girlfriend, the former Barcelona star flew back to Miami. According to the Shakira Custody Contract, the player is allowed to see his children ten days per month. After reaching Miami, the player found it a bit difficult to meet his children. Clara Chia did not accompany Pique to Miami because he might have more trouble with her.

Papparazzis spotted Gerard Pique and their current girlfriend Clara Chia at Abu Dhabi. Clara Chia’s surprise birthday was celebrated in Abu Dhabi by the couple. According to reports, his children had set conditions for him to visit without his girlfriend. The Spanish star accepted the conditions set by his kids

The Columbian star and Pique have reached an agreement to take custody permanently. Pique would only be able to see them 10 days per month, and perhaps get some vacation time during the summer. In 2022, the star retired from Barcelona and started his own company. The scandal triangle between the couple is a source of tension. Pique and Shakira split up after Gerard Pique cheated with Clara Chia on the singer.

List of Gerard Pique’s girlfriends

Gerard Pique dated several people before he met Clara Chia. The list of girlfriends for the Spaniard is below.

Liza Lazarus

Liza Lazarus was Miss Universe Great Britain when Gerard Pique first started dating her. They dated when he played for Manchester United. After Pique’s return to Barcelona, the couple split up.

Nuria Thomas

Pique began dating the Spanish actress upon his return to Barcelona. The couple maintained a low profile. The Spaniard dumped the actress at the 2011 World Cup to be with Shakira.


Gerard Pique began dating the Columbian singer during the World Cup of 2011. The singer of ‘waka waka’ instantly clicked with the Spanish World Cup champion. They dated for 10 years, giving birth to Milan and Sasha. The couple split up after the Barcelona star had an affair with Clara Chia Marti.


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