Twitter’s new policy regarding a ‘blue check’ for verified users is one of the most talked about topics. Elon Musk had announced that anyone could subscribe to Twitter and receive a blue tick of verification. The price of the subscription is $8/week, or $84/year. Many celebrities, athletes, institutions and others have expressed their disapproval following Musk’s policy. LeBron Jame was one of the celebrities who refused to pay.

Musk wanted to ensure that the blue tick remained popular by ensuring some of his key figures still had it. The CEO of Twitter began paying for subscription fees himself. Musk revealed that this was only for three icons: William Shatner Stephen King and LeBron.

LeBron has always been known for his ability to spend responsibly. The Los Angeles Lakers star also tweeted that Twitter Blue was not something he would pay for. “Welp, guess my blue will soon be gone because if you know who I am, I ain’t paying the five,” said in tweeting . had stated that the price was only $5 instead of $8. When everyone else started losing their ticks of blue, James’s was still intact, confusing the fans.

James was trolled on social media by many for buying Twitter Blue, despite his claims to the contrary. No one thought that the Twitter CEO would pay for James. So, the possibility was not considered. Musk did not deny speculations about his strategy when they were first reported. Musk replied to Pop Base with a tweet that confirmed he paid for only “Shatner, LeBron, and King.”

Why are celebrities losing their Twitter verification marks?

Devin Booker and Steph Curry.

Celebrities have begun losing their Twitter verification marks as Elon Musk’s Twitter blue policy is now in effect. Now, fans are listing celebrities who have lost their blue tick. Many people tweeted about losing their blue tick, saying that they would not pay $8 to get it. Many people have said they only have one official account and one official username. There are some big names in the music world on this list, including Harry Styles and Justin Bieber.

Many NBA players also lost their blue tick. James’s was paid for by Elon but his NBA teammates weren’t as lucky. Stephen Curry, Devin Booker Kevin Durant and Ja Morant are all big players who have lost their verification marks. These players are unlikely to be concerned about Twitter verification. All players are focused on the NBA first round playoffs.


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