The former footballer Gerard Pique requested that the Spanish court reduce the time scheduled for the visitation of the children. It would be because his children, along with Shakira, Milan and Sasha, live in Miami in the United States. The father spends 10 days per month with his children, and would claim that professional obligations prevent him from being outside Europe.

Shakira’s separation from Gerard Piqué will soon complete one year. The announcement was made in June 2022 but continues to cause conflicts between the ex-couple. The latest conflict between the couple was caused by Pique’s right to visit her children.

The ex-player would have left for the United States on Wednesday, but would not be spending the ten days in his home with his children according to the agreement with his former wife. The former footballer’s trip would have been cut down to just five or six nights. According to reports, “Shakira makes things difficult for Pique”. Given the circumstances, Pique may have chosen to spend less days.

He asked for the time to be reduced from seven days per month to five. He was photographed arriving in Miami last Thursday to see his children for first time since Shakira’s move. He spent quality time with his kids as they enjoyed lunch together.

Pique has lunch with his sons before returning to Spain

Gerard Pique has been spending a few days with his children in Miami after they moved there to be near their mother Shakira. He is only visiting Miami and is staying in a Hotel. However, he is searching for a home to spend more time there. On social media, it was revealed that he went out to lunch with his sons.

Pique and his children can be seen in a photo taken at a restaurant. The picture shows them sitting under a bright blue sky, with the ocean as the backdrop. The user wrote, “Lunch With the Family. Pique is seated with his children at the next table.” On this first visit, the former footballer had to stay at a hotel which was uncomfortable for him and his kids. He is now looking to rent a home so that he can feel more comfortable on his future visits to the United States.

“A bright, spacious house with the minimum of rooms and communal areas,” describes a report about the retired defender’s vision for a home. Barcelona is currently focused on finding the perfect place to spend time with his family in peace.


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