Gerard Pique has been spotted in Miami with his children at a South Beach restaurant. He’s visiting his kids after Shakira agreed to move there in order to protect them against the Spanish press. The arrival of his son in the United States was met with great anticipation, and dozens journalists gathered at the airport to greet him.

Pique’s visit to his children Milan and Sasha follows his previous trip to Abu Dhabi with Clara Chia. Photos and videos of the couple from Abu Dhabi quickly became viral on social media despite their attempts to stay under the radar. Spanish media reports claim that the trip was planned to surprise Clara on her birthday.

After arriving in Miami, the Catalan stayed at a luxurious hotel. The Catalan visited, amongst other places, a pizzeria that had a Neapolitan atmosphere. On the walls, there were shirts and flags from Napoli who will be the new Serie A champions in the near future. La Leggenda Pizzeria shared a picture of the visit to social media.

Journalists have also reported that Pique has already begun looking for a home in Miami. He is reportedly planning to change the separation agreement, as well as the custody of his children. He wants it to be shared custody with both ex-couples living in the same town. Reports claim that the former defender was already evaluating properties in December.

Gerard Pique, Shakira and dispute over children

A specific issue is affecting the relationship between the Colombian artist and the former Barcelona footballer. Journalist JordiMartin says that the discussion is about the number of days Pique can spend with his children.

According to sources, both parties agreed for the former defender to spend 10 days per month with Milan and Sasha. The issue arose after Pique’s arrival. The war erupted again when he arrived in Miami on the 26th and said he wanted the children for 10 days. Martin said that Shakira told him that he had ten days in a month to spend with the children, and it was not her fault he arrived on the 26th ,”.

Gerard Pique has the right to visit his children in Miami for 10 days per month. He can also bring Milan and Sasha with him to Spain so they can spend time with their grandmothers or to travel around the world.

Pique has the right to take vacations that coincide with the school holidays of his children. Pique is entitled to vacation periods that coincide with his children’s school breaks, including Thanksgiving in November, Christmas and spring break. Shakira will split the time with Pique and the kids during summer break.


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