Montserrat Bernabeu, Gerard Pique’s mother, was disenchanted with Clara Chia’s girlfriend. The mother had a few fights earlier with Pique’s ex-wife Shakira.

Many reports stated that Montserrat Bernabeu mistreated Shakira after the two separated. Shakira’s anger was not contained when she learned that Montserrat Bernabeu had been privy to Gerard Pique and Clara Chia’s affair.

Clara’s mother was happy that Pique was finally with Clara. Montserrat, according to reports, is now very angry with Clara’s girlfriend. After Pique, 24, went to Miami to visit his children, the relationship between Montserrat & Pique deteriorated.

Clara attended night parties during that period and got drunk a few times. Montserrat did not like the attitude and behavior of Clara, who was 24 years old. The parties of this night disappointed her mother in law so much, that they got into an argument.

Montserrat is not happy with Clara Chia’s way of thinking and acting. This argument broke out between the two when Gerard Pique’s girlfriend and he were planning to get married. Recently, Pique and the 24-year old were seen in a jewelry store.

Why didn’t Gerard Pique sue Shakira for her new song Acrostico in court?

Shakira’s new Acrostico song features Milan and Sasha. According to Antonio Rossi, Gerard Pique did not like the children’s involvement in the video.

Pique may be furious at this act of his ex, but he can’t file a lawsuit against Shakira. After she separated from the Spanish footballer, Shakira moved to Miami in the United States.

There are vast differences in the laws of both countries. Pique would be able to take legal action against Shakira if she made the video in Barcelona. The former Barcelona footballer can’t take any legal action against Shakira because she lives in the United States.

Antonio Rossi said, “Pique will not take legal action against the woman, because firstly, the context in the United States is different from here. He doesn’t want to get into a legal battle with the mother of his kids .”


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