Long Island Serial Killings: A Breakthrough
On January 28th, Suffolk County Police and Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office identified Rex Heuermann as their suspect for 11 murder victims discovered between 2010-2011 on suburban Long Island beach highways – providing hope to an entire community still reeling after discovering 11 bodies at once between 2010. They did this just four months after discovering 11 victims’ remains along Long Island’s highways between 2010-2011. Suffolk County Police identified Rex Heuermann on January 28, providing much-needed closure to an already hopeless case long marred by confusion and inaction from both bodies being discovered over time by authorities as they identified him by himself on his own accord, thus ending this case long hampered by inaction from authorities along Long Island’s District Attorney Office as being suspect responsible in these gruesome killings since 2010-11 when 11 victims’ remains were discovered along suburban Long Island beach highways between 2010 – 11. Suffolk County Police along with both offices identified him on January 28, confirming this new lead suspect’s possible involvement as this breakthrough gave hope for community recovery following discovery of 11 victim’s remains along suburban Long Island beach highway between 2010- 2011. Suffolk County Police identified Rex Heuermann as suspect; Suffolk County District Attorney’s offices identified Rex Heuermann as suspect after 14 months. Suffolk County Police identified Heuermann on January 28, which brought relief as it brought hope of Rex Heuermann was confirmed for 14 crimes that had taken place between 2010.-11 which provided closure when Suffolk County District Attorney’s offices recognized Heuermann on 28.

Rex Heuermann of Massapequa Park stands accused of the Gilgo Beach murders. After DNA evidence against Heuermann was presented in court earlier this week, law enforcement arrived early this morning at his Massapequa Park home to make their arrest – according to eyewitness reports, officers arrived quickly – before Heuermann worked closely with Gilgo Beach Homicide Investigation Task Force before being apprehended by law enforcement officials.

Timeline of the Gilgo Beach Murders Case
On May 1, 2010 an escort named Shannan Gilbert made a distress call but could not give an exact location when police arrived; she had since vanished by then, prompting search efforts that eventually lead police to locate four women named “Gilgo Four”, all dead near Jones Beach on Long Island.

Investigators spent 10 years hunting down leads. Finally in 2022 an audio recording from Gilbert’s 911 call provided vital clues and the reward for information related to Gilbert’s murder was doubled from $10,000.

Maureen Brainard Barnes, Melissa Barthelemy Megan Waterman and Amber Costello would later become known collectively as “Gilgo Four”. By spring 2011, 10 bodies had been discovered including those belonging to unidentified adults as well as two unidentified children.

Rex Heuermann’s arrest marks an important step toward providing justice to both families of victims who were killed at Gilgo Beach as well as to those themselves who are said to have perished there. Heuermann stands accused of murdering 11 of these victims whose remains have been discovered along the Long Island Beach Highway near Queens. Tomorrow morning Heuermann will appear before a Long Island Beach Highway judge and families await his appearance – hoping his appearance might bring transparency about these heinous murders at Gilgo Beach.

Rex Heuermann is an award-winning architect who founded RH Consultants and Associates, which serves clients like Catholic Charities, NYC DEP Sewerage Treatment Facility, as well as American Airlines. Rex has even earned himself a nickname: Neighborhood Crawler!

Investigators hope Heuermann’s conviction will bring both justice and closure for victims’ families as well as solace to an unsettled community.


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