Google Maps reveals that Gerard Pique shares his mansion with Clara Chia, and it is called ‘Casa Shakira’. It’s been almost a full year since they separated. Shakira moved to Miami with her children Sasha and Milan to start anew.

Pique, according to reports, is in Barcelona following a six-day trip with his two children Sasha & Milan in Miami. Clara Chia is the first person he met upon his return. Clara Chia has been pictured in Esplugues de llobregat mansion. The house was once the home of Pique Mebarak. Bernabeu, Pique’s mom, lives next door to this house. It was reported on the Mamarazzis podcast. They revealed some interesting information about the two houses discovered by one of their fans.

One of their fans confirmed that the two properties were classified under two names which are very important. The house where Pique lives with Clara Chia is known as Casa Shakira. The house was named Casa Shakira, despite the fact that Shakira had moved out. The house is also designated as a Historical Place of Interest. The name used to find the Montserrat home has caused some eyebrows to be raised and even a few laughs among Shakira’s fans. The house was called ” the witch piruja.”

This is not known. It is obvious that everything started with the witch-shaped doll Shakira kept on her terrace in her old home, looking at the house of Pique’s parents.

Shakira pokes fun at Pique during Billboard’s Women of the year award ceremony

Shakira, the Colombian pop singer, pokes fun at Pique during her speech following the awarding of “Women of the year”. Shakira was named ‘Woman Of The Year’ at the first ever Billboard Latin Women in Music gala. This was due to the fact that her recent singles reached number one in many countries.

She gave a speech after receiving the award. She said that it was no longer important whether someone is faithful or not. It’s important to be true to yourself .”

The Colombian popstar concluded her speech by praising music for helping to find her own path and acknowledging valuable lessons she learned from other women. Shakira’s powerful words are a testament to women’s strength and resilience, inspiring all those in attendance at the gala.


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