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Do you want to know more about Hamish’s son? You want to learn more about Hamish’s son. If you’re interested, read the entire article. News of Harding’s stepson’s attendance at Blink182 spread across the United States and Canada. Harding’s stepson is discussed.

Read the article about Blink182, Hamish Haring’s stepson.

What did Harding’s stepson do?

Hamish Harding is one of the crew members who were on board the submersible which went missing in the Atlantic Ocean. Many criticize Brian Szasz’s stepson for attending Blink-182 in spite of the good news. Brian Szasz tried to defend himself, admitting he went to the concert. He asked him what he would have done differently. The social media has been sparked by a backlash since it was revealed Brian attended the concert after the report about the disappearance of the submersible. Hamish Family Members are also of interest to the public. Harding and his partner Linda Harding are also part of the Harding Family.

Hamish harding: who is he?

Hamish was born on 24th June 1964. He is a British businessman. He is a British entrepreneur. He is the founder and chairman of Action Aviation. This is an international aircraft brokerage firm. The headquarters of the company are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Harding was also the mission director for the One More Orbit Flight that broke the world record for the fastest Earth circumnavigation, including both geographic poles.

Hamish Harding Stepson Blink 182

Harding was among five members who went missing in 2023. Hamish’s stepson is criticized by some for attending the concert. Now he is trying to defend the fact that he attended the concert. Brian stated that his family had encouraged him to go because Blink-182 was his favorite concert. Music is comfort to him in difficult times. He loves the band. He removed his posts about the concert. He claimed that his mother had asked him to delete all the posts.

Hamish’s net worth is another topic of interest. He built the property worth $ 1 Billion.

Brian Blink 182

Brian thanked the group. Blink 182 is an American rock band. The group was formed in California in 1992. The band is made up of bassist Mark, guitarist Tom and drummer Travis. The band started out independently and signed with MCA Records. The band has created many albums, including Take off Your Pants and Jackets and Enema of the State. These albums received a positive response on the international markets. All the Small Things, Dammit and many other songs are hit songs.

Hamish’s Child

Hamish Harding Kids can be of interest. Hamish Harding is the father of two children. Brian Szasz, one of the two children, is also named Hamish. Brian is known for being Hamish’s stepson. He was well-known as a music marketer. Autism was diagnosed. After the online publication of his Autism, people began to talk about his cerebral health issues. According to the report, Brian was also diagnosed as having Asperger Syndrome and Type 1 diabetes. He also developed retinopathy later. Although people are curious about him, some of his details remain hidden. He looks great with brown hair and brown eyes. Hamish Szasz Brian Szasz has also been discussed.

Brian on Social Media

Brian Szasz used social media to defend his reaction to the news of the death of his stepfather. Brian Szasz said he was saddened to hear the news. He went to the concert in order to escape from the situation. He was forced to attend the concert by his family because he couldn’t stay home. Brian acknowledged that he attended the San Diego concert and said it was a great help to him. He tweeted Blink members Travis Barker, Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus. Brian expressed his sorrow at the passing of his stepfather. Hamish Harding’s stepson Blink182 was a topic of discussion. Brian seemed relaxed after the concert. Brian is a Christian who enjoys British nationalism.

Where Is Hamish?

Hamish vanished after he went on a trip to the North Atlantic Ocean in June 2023. He was among five people aboard the Atlanta submersible. Rescue team is continuing to conduct operation. No information on the five people has been located. The five members’ families are eagerly waiting for news. People are talking about Hamish Harding’s stepson Blink 182.

Brian posted on Facebook that he was an engineer. He studied at San Diego University. He claimed that some creepy San Diego journalists were stalking and following him. Szasz shared the concert on his social media. He admitted that he might look awkward if attended the concert. He also said that he had been devastated by the news of his stepfather’s death. He went to the concert as a way to ease his grief. He went to the concert only for relaxation. Music is medicine. Hamish Blink 18, the stepson Hamish Harding has been in controversy. Hamish Harding’s meaning was not understood by many people because he was so well known. He was criticized. The public is familiar with him and his family.


Hamish Harding, a well-known entrepreneur, is an incredibly successful businessman. When people hear of his disappearance, they search for him.


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