Harry Etzebeth of the South African Springboks tragically passed away after an extended illness on February 21, leaving behind both family members and teammates heartbroken by this loss. Harry’s tragic demise leaves a massive hole both personally and in Springbok camp – leaving no end of regrets behind him in their wake.

What was Harry Etzebeth like?
Harry Etzebeth was not simply Eben Etzebeth’s father – the Springbok captain with whom he became synonymous – he was his strongest supporter and source of motivation.

Harry Etzebeth taught himself and Eben the value of hard work from an early age. Following an accomplished athletic career, he dedicated himself to family while working professionally as a security guard.

Eben paid an emotional tribute to Harry Eben (deceased), whom he revered and considered his hero for all that he accomplished through hard work, family values and discipline.

Harry Etzebeth: Repercussions
Harry Etzebeth’s death came as an enormous shock not only to his family and close associates but to all South African rugby people as a whole. Eben had recently been scheduled to represent South Africa against New Zealand All Blacks during Rugby Championship game action and had yet to even play one match against New Zealand All Blacks prior to passing away.

Eben takes charge in their next match despite suffering such a devastating loss, showing off both his resilience as a player as well as how influential his father’s teachings have made him such an extraordinary individual. This impressive accomplishment speaks volumes of their resilience.

Rugby players, fans and staff showed incredible generosity to the Etzebeth Family during this difficult period. Additionally, Springboks dedicated their match against All Blacks in Harry Etzebeth’s memory.

Harry Etzebeth passed away of an unknown cause late Tuesday evening, July 11, 2023. Prior to his passing away he had been struggling with an unknown illness for months prior to passing. Harry Etzebeth requested for all details surrounding this illness to remain private – therefore no information regarding its extent and nature is made public at his family’s request.

Gerhard Ras, an close acquaintance of Eben Etzebeth’s, announced Harry’s passing via social media post and was met by an outpouring of grief from netizens around the globe who expressed their shock over losing such an integral figure so quickly in Eben Etzebeth’s life.

Harry Etzebeth, an indispensable member of his own family who provided guidance in tough times and provided strength when times got rough, is being remembered with loving memories from his son who shared details from their private lives to show what an impactful figure Harry Etzebeth had in their lives.

Eben was fortunate enough to find guidance throughout his rugby career from someone who instilled values such as discipline and hardwork that have helped define his playing style to this day.

Harry Etzebeth may no longer be well known, yet his legacy and influence can still be felt through Eben Etzebeth’s stellar rugby career. Harry left an immense hole in his family and rugby circles around the globe but Eben has kept alive Harry’s memory by continuing Eben Etzebeth’s legacy and memory.


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