Hiba Abouk is a Spanish actress who has spoken out about her divorce proceedings with Achraf hakimi. Paris Saint-Germain’s Achraf Hakimi has recently been in the spotlight for his refusal to share half of his assets. According to reports, the actress wanted half of Hakimi’s assets as part of a divorce settlement.

Hakimi has no property, as it was discovered later. His properties are all under the name of his mother. Abouk revealed her humble beginnings during an interview. She said she is a fighter who has never been attached to material possessions. I shared a room of two square meters with my partner. “I’ve been a fighter my whole life.” I don’t care about material things .”

She says she is “a woman who has made herself”, after she left home at almost 18 years old. “I left my home with one arm in front and one behind. “I would not have been able to do it without the support of my family ,”,” she said. “But I was forced to do it, because my environment would not allow me to be free or grow up.” It was my life or theirs. I chose to fight for myself .”

Hiba abouk, despite her success in her career, insists that her family and children are her top priority. She was always trying to be there for her children and did not want to miss their growth. She also spoke out about mental health. She revealed that she has been regularly seeing a psychiatrist for the last few years.

Italian actor criticizes Achraf’s ex-wife for demanding EUR10m

Alessandro Lequio, an Italian actor, shared his opinion on Paris Saint-Germain star Achraf hakimi’s former wife Hiba Abouk’s demand for half of their fortune following their divorce. Lequio said that Abouk’s demand for such a large sum of money was ridiculous. Lequio added that Abouk should now go back to her own work.

“Asking 10 million dollars is like considering marriage as a business. That is wrong. She’s acting like a Bedouin girl with a herd, not the actress she used to be. It’s important to ask: Did she quit her job due to her husband’s demands or because she had no interesting offers, and felt more comfortable as’mistress’? “

Asking for a spousal compensation of 10 million is to qualify you for many things, none of which are pretty. If you ask for 10 million dollars in spousal support, it will qualify you for several things. None of them are pretty .”. While Abouk claimed Hakimi’s wealth, the player had nothing materialistic registered under his name. Hakimi may not be required to pay any money because all his wealth is registered in his mother’s name.


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