Hasbulla Magnomedov, a 20-year old social media influencer has grown in popularity over the past few years. Magomedov, who is Russian by birth, has captured the attention of fans around the world with his adorable remarks and unique look. He is nicknamed “Mini Khabib” after UFC Lightweight champion Khabib Numagomedov. The Russian sensation was also involved in several controversy, including misogyny and abusing his cat. The Russian influencer is known for his friendship and support of Dana White, the UFC president .

The young influencer is a global sensation, despite the controversy. controversy seems to be what attracts ‘Mini-Khabib’, as he has been the talk of town in recent times. He has been in trouble again. When the authorities caught the influencer and his friends in a car, they were with two of his closest friends.

A video that has surfaced online shows Hasbulla driving recklessly with his friends and entourage. Their actions caused disruptions on the streets of Dagestan. It was reported that the influencer’s vehicle interfered with other drivers. The entourage was taken into custody, and administrative violations were charged. Hasbulla, her entourage and they all claimed that the wedding of a close friend had them in high spirits.

Hasbulla’s entourage was celebrating, which led to the reckless driving. Fans have been making fun of Hasbulla on social media since the arrest.

Hasbulla’s arrest is met with a reaction from the fans

The arrest of Hasbulla, her entourage and others for reckless driving created a Twitter frenzy. The crew was caught on camera celebrating a friend’s wedding in the streets of Dagestan. The crew was arrested shortly after this moment, which had been captured on video. On Twitter, fans have begun to criticize the behavior of these people. The majority of them are still laughing at the arrest of Hasbulla.

Internet sensation has a genetic disorder. This genetic disorder prevents you from becoming taller. Twitter users made fun of Hasbulla’s arrest, pointing out the size of her handcuffs. One fan tweeted, “Baby Safety is a Must.” Glad Dagestan requires baby seats for all children.”

Hasbulla signed a contract with the UFC recently. The influencer, according to reports signed a contract for five years with the company. In the organization, his role is to promote and attend events. Fans were thrilled by this unexpected and exciting news.


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