Madison Carter was close to Ryan Mallett before their tragic relationship ended abruptly and unexpectedly. This article explores their heartbreaking friendship as well as Madison Carter’s touching tribute.

Who is Ryan Mallett?
Ryan Mallett of Batesville in Arkansas quickly distinguished himself as an exceptional young football player. Mallett would go on to represent Michigan University during college football before transitioning into professional league football with New England Patriots and Houston Texans before his untimely passing at 29 years of age.

Ryan Mallett tragically drowned on June 27, 2023 near Destin, Florida with Madison Carter by his side. Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office verified his drowning report without providing additional details such as possible involvement of rip currents in Mallett’s demise.

Madison Carter: Who Is She? Madison Carter is originally from Crossett in Arkansas but currently resides in Little Rock where she attends NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine. On June 1, just days prior to Ryan Mallett’s tragic incident, they officially started dating each other and the relationship quickly turned serious.

Madison Pays Loving Tribute to Her Grandma
Madison Carter expressed her sorrow over Ryan’s passing by sharing on Facebook how much it had meant to her; how for 27 years prior, she had been praying for a soulmate like him and expressed both faith in the will of God but also her confusion at how this tragedy had unfolded and profound sadness over what has transpired.

Madison was moved by Ryan’s impact in her life and paid her her last respects by honoring his passion for football, his generosity, and how it had changed theirs. Madison expressed regret over not being able to save him earlier.

Madison Carter Announces Pregnancy
Madison Carter made public that she is expecting Ryan Mallett’s son as part of their celebration together – making the news quite an unexpected revelation! They had planned for having children together so this announcement came as quite an emotional shocker.

Madison Carter must navigate her life while carrying Ryan Mallett’s child and moving forward after their time together ended. Her tribute showed just how intense their feelings for one another had been; through Madison’s pregnancy he will live on long after they parted ways.

Stay tuned to this website for further updates and insight into Madison Carter and Ryan Mallett’s story.


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