The Joe Rogan Experience has become one of the world’s most popular podcasts. The show explores serious topics such as science, history and politics. Joe Rogan brings in industry experts for each episode. Politics was a topic that primarily favored right-wing ideologies. In an episode, Rogan explored the topic of US President Joe Biden.

Joe Rogan is known for his criticism of President Biden ever since he was elected in 2021. Rogan, a UFC commentator, has often criticized Joe Biden for his inability to lead the country. He believes Donald Trump is a better candidate to be the leader of the “most powerful government.”

Rogan said, ” Before I vote for Biden, I would vote first for Trump. He said, “The problem with Biden is that he’s already gone. You know that he is gone. You’re going to be relying upon his cabinet. “I knew that his cabinet was going to be this f ****** diversity sideshow. You couldn’t have people like those running a Ben & Jerry’s,” jokingly joked UFC commentator, about Joe Biden’s Administration.

Rogan’s support for Donald Trump is evident in the clip. Rogan smiled in the octagon at UFC 288, when Jorge Masvidal complimented Donald Trump.

Joe Rogan and Jorge Masvidal Roast Joe Biden

Joe Rogan openly spoke about the woke-culture protecting Joe Biden’s inefficiency. He regularly criticised the policies of Biden’s administration on his show. He sat with UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal on his podcast to roast Biden before UFC 287.

Rogan said, ” Joe Biden was never a man of great character.“. He’s full bluster, and he lied about his background and his educational record. He lied about many things. He is a silly old politician who has been doing that his entire career,“, said the UFC commentary.

Jorge Masvidal replied in kind when he brought up the past controversy of Joe Biden. Both have disdain for Joe Biden. Joe Rogan’s podcast has attracted a conservative audience since the Covid epidemic. He invites reactionary internet personalities to criticize woke culture.


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