Mick Jagger (b. Michael Philip Jagger in Dartford in Kent England on July 26, 1944), one of rock music’s iconic figures for decades, first made waves worldwide after starting his musical career at 13 and joining The Rolling Stones aged 20 as their charismatic front man at 23 years old.

How did Mick Jagger come to be famous?

Jagger and Richards first met while they were in school. The Rolling Stones were formed by their shared love for rhythm and blues. By the 1960s, they had surpassed The Beatles in popularity and impact – often considered rebellious counter-parts to The Fab Four. The Rolling Stones’ image led to many controversies. For example, New York hotels refused them rooms on their tour in the middle of 1960s. This reputation has only added to their appeal today, with hotels around the world now lining up to welcome Jagger and band members.

What is Mick Jaggers net worth?

Mick Jagger’s net worth is expected to reach $550 million by 2023. This wealth is not just a tribute to his musical ability, but also to his business savvy. Prior to Jagger’s control, record labels and managers exploited many musicians. Jagger understood the dangers in the music industry, and took control of The Rolling Stones to protect both the artistic output and financial interests.

Jagger has multi-million dollar properties in Europe and America. The Los Angeles properties are worth around $30 million while the London properties cost a whopping $150 million. His vast portfolio of real estate makes him one the world’s most significant landowners.

Why was Mick Jagger knighted by the Queen?

Mick Jagger was knighted in 2003 by Queen Elizabeth. The recognition was not just for his musical contribution, but also their cultural impact throughout the decades. Sir Mick Jagger stands as an iconic example of how rock and roller culture, once considered countercultural, has now become integrated into global cultural tradition.

Did Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney and George Harrison plan to launch a record label together?

Have Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney and George Harrison made plans to establish a record label collectively? They discussed starting a joint record label in the 1960s during the heyday of their bands. However, this venture never happened. McCartney reportedly was offered a lucrative deal by major labels to stop the collaboration. The world may never know the results of such a collaboration, but the story will remain a tantalizing “what if” in rock history.


Mick Jagger, who rose from humble beginnings in Dartford, to become a global rock star, and lead a rebellious music movement, is exemplary of the power that rock and roll has to transform lives. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth after leading a rebellion and eventually becoming renowned. This article, while it touches on key aspects of Sir Mick’s life, does not capture his enigma.


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