The MLB 2023 season is off to a good start. The new rules introduced in this season have made it a unique one. The pitch clock is the major rule change that has been implemented. It is clear that the new rules introducing shorter game times and higher batting statistics have been successful.

The new large bases, and the fielding shifts are two other major changes that MLB introduced this year. Official data shows that the introduction of a pitch clock has slowed down play by about a half hour. These new rules are being adopted by the players or they at least try to adapt to them.

This new pitch clock rule has already been adopted by many players. San Diego Padres Manny Machado and White Sox Tim Anderson were both removed from the game after raising their voices over their alleged violations. Los Angeles Angels Two-way Player Shohei Ahtani wrote unwanted history by becoming the first player who violated this rule as both a pitcher as well as batter. Both incidents occurred in the same game.

The new rules have produced results that were not planned

A hitter is getting ready to take on the pitcher. 

The new rules for pitching clock work on time limits according to situations. The pitchers are given fifteen seconds to throw the ball when there is no one on base. The pitchers have twenty seconds to pitch the ball with runners on base. The player who violates this rule will receive a ball added to the count.

The pitcher has eight seconds for the hitters to prepare themselves. He will be charged with a strike if he does not do this. A batter who violates this rule will receive a strike after he has already accumulated two strikes.

This season, the other new rules of larger bases and fielding shifts are also very important. These rules have led to an increase in the batting average, as players are now able find gaps much more efficiently than they were before. Players are now stealing bases more frequently due to the increased size of the bases.

The reduction of game time has led to an increase in the sales of alcohol and beverages. The stadium was used for serving beverages up until the seventh inning. With less time to play, some teams are serving customers until the eighth inning. This tradition may be followed by other teams in the near future.


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