Netflix apologized after a glitch caused a livestream of their hit dating show to be delayed.

The Love is Blind reunion is instead scheduled to air on Monday, in a prerecorded program.

Social media was flooded with complaints from fans of the show. The couple gets engaged before meeting each other.

Although the technical cause of the delay is unclear, the streaming giant has expressed its “sincere regret”.

This article does not contain any spoilers about the Love is Blind reunion.

The reunion special will air at 18:00 BST on Monday (13:00 ET).

Some viewers in the US could watch the stream 75 minutes after the scheduled start time. However, the majority were met with an error message that read “there is a problem with the livestream”.

Netflix has been apologizing for delays and telling fans that they will be filming an episode in its place.

“To all who stayed up, woken up early, and gave up Sunday afternoon… We are incredibly sad that the Love is Blind Live Reunion didn’t turn out as planned,” Netflix said in a tweet.

We’re currently filming and will have it up on Netflix as quickly as possible. “Thank you again and I’m sorry.”

Netflix didn’t give any reason for the cancellation, but Vanessa Lachey, the show host, said it was due to a technical mistake in a video posted on Instagram with the caption: “Apparently, we broke the Internet.”

Netflix was attempting to bring a live event to its audience for the second time after successfully streaming a Chris Rock special in March of this year.

Most people were not able to watch the live stream because of technical problems.

Downdetector tracks websites and more than 10,000 users in the US have reported that the website did not work during the stream.

Fans vented their anger on social media, and Netflix retweeted US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who joked that they needed a superhero from an earlier episode to save the show now.


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