Peter Malnati is an iconic American golfer renowned for his success on both the PGA Tour & Korn Ferry Tours. While his professional achievements may garner much interest, many also find fascination in learning more about Peter Malnati’s personal story; here we explore Peter Malnati’s private life and parents in this article.

Peter Malnati remains close to his roots. Donna Malnati was by his side from birth; unfortunately not much is known of his biological father. Both parents provided ample opportunities for growth while working hard towards success for their offspring; these contributions played a critical role in molding him as an individual and professional.

Malnati attended Jefferson County High School, Tennessee before going on to the University of Missouri where his passion for golf flourished into becoming professional in 2009. Although successful as a golfer, Malnati has kept quiet about his parents despite their success as an industry figure; making few public comments or posts regarding them on social media.

Malnati’s Family Tree
Unfortunately, Malnati’s early family history is poorly recorded – Gina and Laura, his two older sisters, are the only known relatives outside his parents.

Malnati maintains his own family, yet details on their lives remain largely private. In November 2013, he married longtime girlfriend Alicia Malnati; their children Hatcher Knox Dash carry on the name of their father as do Hatcher Knox Dash’s two sons who also bear it.

Given a lack of information regarding his parents’ ethnicities and race, given Indiana as his birthplace it would likely best to assume he represents America and his ethnicity as white.

Malnati is well-recognized for his belief in equality; he treats everyone equally regardless of race or ethnicity.

As most Americans celebrate Christian holidays with family, it can be assumed that this golfer also follows this religion. Therefore, it’s essential that people respect his/her religion without making assumptions.

Malnati may have become well-known on the golfing course, yet his personal life remains hidden away from public view. But this journey offers us insight into his personal life as well as into those that helped support him along his journey of golf success.


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