The August 2012 murder of Ronald March in Burnaby, British Columbia sent shockwaves throughout the community.

Authorities quickly identified Lance Sandberg as the primary suspect. Ronald March was the prime suspect due to his long history of animosity with the victim.

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The events leading to his death and the terrifying attack changed forever the lives of all those involved.

Ronald March’s untimely demiseRonald William March was a kind and gentle individual who loved to read. He lived in Vancouver, and had just moved into a Burnaby senior complex.

Ronald, 57, was able to manage the lupus disease, an autoimmune condition, with medication.

Ronald was found lying on the floor by a neighbor who heard screams that were very disturbing.

He was found covered in blood in the 3400 Block of Renfrew Street.

Ronald was stabbed 12 times and his throat had been cut.
The jugular was severed and he died instantly.

The investigation in the murder case
The investigation into the murder of Ronald March revealed that Ronald had previously met a man by the name Lance Standberg.

Ronald lived in another apartment that was subsidised before moving to the complex for seniors.

He shared a neighborhood with Loray Rayne who was dating Lance.

Reports claim that Loray was in need of medical assistance and relied on Lance to help. The nature of their relationship has sparked speculation.

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Lance has been away from his family for long periods of time as a seasonal worker in the oil industry.

Loray began to rely more and more on Ronald’s help for everyday tasks, such as moving and shopping. Ronald’s health problems made it difficult to continue helping Loray.

Ronald, who was driving Loray, demanded that she extinguish the cigarette but Loray refused. He then pushed her out of his car.

Loray accused Ronald, who was arrested, of assaulting Loray. She later dropped the charge.

Loray told Lance about the altercation after the murder. Lance then assaulted Ronald and even hit him with a steel tube.

Ronald reported both assaults to police. However, Lance was able to avoid them.

Ronald finally decided to leave the apartment. He completed the move on 8 August 2012.

Later, it was revealed that Lance, who was 47 years old at the time of recording Ronald’s movement, had suspectedly followed his truck.

Lance has denied these allegations. Authorities believe Lance ambushed Ronald in an alley and fatally stabbing him.

Lance was arrested shortly after in the Ronald March Murder Case during the early morning hours of August 9 following a short police pursuit.

Lance Standberg and the legal proceedings
Lance Sandberg maintained his innocence after being arrested in the case. He claimed no involvement in it.

He claimed that Ronald had taken something from his storage.

The police did find traces of Ronald’s blood on Lance’s car despite the fact that the first trial was still unresolved.

Lance was found guilty in November 2014 of first-degree homicide in a second trial.

According to records, he was given a life term with the option of parole at 25 years.

The murderer has been sentenced to prison in British Columbia


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