Tom Brady has been widely recognized as the greatest quarterback in history. The New England Patriots icon is a role-model for many Americans. He has achieved a lot on the field. The golden boy of NFL has been at the center controversy many times.

The Patriots legend Tom Brady faces another controversy in this trend. People on social media are demanding that the 15-time Pro Bowl QB repay the $960k loan he received from the Paycheck Protection Program for his fitness brand TB12, to keep the business alive during the Coronavirus pandemic that occurred back in 2020.

Some claim that Tom Brady, the three-time MVP of the NFL, used the loan money to purchase a yacht worth $6,000,000. Brady received $960k from the PPP Fund in 2020. A USA Today article states that Brady purchased a 40-foot yacht after receiving his PPP loan. The boat was named “Viva a Vida”, after the environmental project of his former wife Gisele bundchen.

The PPP loan was meant to be given to people who’s small businesses had been affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. Brady, who is reportedly worth over $250 million, was not happy to receive the loan.

Tom Brady slammed by social media for PPP loans

Tom Brady’s loan of $960k from the PPP he received at Covid-19 has reportedly been forgiven. There is no definitive answer as to whether Brady’s welfare brand paid back the funding. Many people on social networks believe The Patriots Icon has not repaid the funding yet. They demand that he pay it back, with interest.

Tom Brady retired from football in the last few months after dominating it for over two decades. After a miserable season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the 45-year old quarterback decided to hang up the boots.

Brady has retired and is now enjoying his father time. He spends lots of time with the children. Brady has signed a 10-year contract with Fox Network, worth up to $375million. He hopes to begin his career as an sportscaster in 2024.


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