Sophie Belinda Turner was born in Northampton on February 21, 1996 and quickly established a global audience by playing Sansa Stark from 2011 – 2019 on HBO’s epic fantasy show Game of Thrones, garnering her notoriety, critical acclaim and even earning her a nomination for Primetime Emmy Awards! Sophie Turner hails from Andrew and Sally Turner’s household; as an internationally recognized actress she has become one of their favourite daughters worldwide as well as becoming known for embracing mental health initiatives as her mission. Sophie Turner represents both parents; while becoming one of their daughter’s of their offspring has achieved much.

What was Sophie Turner’s first acting role?

Sophie Turner first began acting at 13 years old. In 2013, she made her acting industry debut through an acting debut television film called ‘The Thirteenth Tale. Later that same year she also made her feature film debut through psychological thriller “Another Me”. These roles ultimately lead to Sophie playing Sansa Stark on “Game of Thrones”.

What contributed to Sophie Turner’s rise to fame?

Sophie achieved international renown due to her standout role as Sansa in “Game of Thrones”. While the show itself was both commercially successful and critically well received, but Sophie stood out with her character development and complexity standing out among its cast – being nominated for four Screen Actors Guild Awards including Outstanding Ensemble Performance in Drama Series!. Her performance won her numerous accolades as she has appeared in movies like “BarelyLethal” (2015) “X-Men: Apocalypse 2016”, and “X-Men: Dark Phoenix 2019”.

What is Sophie Turner’s net worth?

Sophie Turner’s estimated net worth by 2023 is expected to surpass $12 Million dollars, thanks to a stellar acting career that includes top-grossing movies like Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Sophie also provides high-end brand endorsements that bring additional income.

Is Sophie Turner a Fashion Icon as Well?

Sophie Turner has established an outstanding fashion career outside the acting circuit. She has appeared in multiple campaigns from top designer labels such as Louis Vuitton or Calvin Klein; with her elegant yet chic appearance being sought out as model by them. Due to this increased visibility outside the acting realm.

What is Sophie Turner’s position on mental health?

Sophie Turner has gone beyond being just another pretty face on screen by using her personal experience to raise public awareness on mental health matters.

What is Sophie Turner’s age and what are her physical stats?

Sophie was born on February 21st, 1996. In 2023, she will be 175 cm tall (5 feet 7 inches) and weigh approximately 132 lbs. Sophie’s height, weight, and age reflect her progress as an actress, not only accurately.

What is Sophie Turner’s Nationality?

Sophie Turner is British. She represents the British talent that is flourishing in Hollywood. Sophie, despite her global fame, remains rooted in her East Midlands roots. She represents the diversity and richness of British talent within the entertainment industry.

What is the future of Sophie Turner’s career?

Sophie Turner has accomplished so much already at such an early age and her future looks promising due to her talent, versatility and dedication to art. Sophie continues to enchant audiences worldwide with her complex roles, social causes and dominating fashion scene.

Sophie Turner’s career, encompassing various endeavors and paths of expression, serves as both an inspiring tale about talent and opportunity and also as evidence of courage, commitment, and resilience. Sophie Turner’s iconic presence will continue for many years.


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