You know driving comes with certain risks. If you drive in an unsafe manner, it is possible to cause an accident. You can still cause an accident even if you are driving safely.

The majority of people are aware of the dangers that driving poses. Without a license and a car, they know their life is limited. If they don’t have a car, they can ask family or friends for a ride or take public transport.

You might think that the safer you are if you get into a car crash, the slower you drive. According to statistics on car accidents, this is true. Car accidents that occur at higher speeds usually result in more deaths and injuries.

This article will discuss the car accident that occurred at 30 miles per hour. This is not a very fast speed, but you might be surprised by some of the details about these accidents.

How Many People Die in 30-Mile-Per-Hour Car Wrecks?

40 % of those who are hit by vehicles traveling at 30 mph or more will die. This number may shock you. This number does not include drivers or passengers of another vehicle if you strike it at 30 miles per hour. This means that 40% of pedestrians will die if a car traveling at 30 mph hits them.

It may not seem like 30 miles per hour. Imagine driving that fast through a residential area.

This statistic might grab your attention. Although 30 miles per hour may seem slow, someone you hit at this speed will be killed two out of five times.

More Stats

Consider some other statistics as you consider this hypothetical car accident. Only 5% of the people you hit will be killed if you drive at 20 miles per hour. This is a huge difference.

If, however, you are driving at 40 miles per hour and you hit a pedestrian, you will kill 80% of them. The extra 10 miles per hours also makes a difference.

If you are driving over 50 miles an hour and hit someone, it will almost always be fatal. Even a slight bump can cause serious injury to a pedestrian. If they are attempting to jump out of your way, you might hit them in the hip. You can break their pelvis at that speed.

What does all this mean?

This means that, if you are driving faster and hit a pedestrian you may cause them to be injured or killed. As you increase your car’s speed, the number of pedestrians who will die increases.

It’s not surprising, but it still makes you think. If you’re driving through a residential neighborhood, and you have kids playing, you can make the lives of dogs running on the street and cyclists safer by slowing down

You make a fatal accident a lot less likely. It is not the intention of any driver to cause harm. By not pressing the accelerator as hard, you can make a big difference.

How to avoid the 30-Miles-Per-Hour Wreck

Continue talking about the hypothetical car accident at 30 miles per hour. We are aware of the dangers for pedestrians. If they happen, they can cause serious damage to property.

What can you to do avoid such accidents? You can obviously drive slower. You can stop sooner if you slow down. You can save a pedestrian’s life if you drive at 20 mph instead of 30 mph when someone walks in front of your vehicle.

Avoid distractions. If you are distracted, you will have less time to react if the traffic situation changes or a pedestrian or cyclist appears.

Drivers will be distracted by smartphones a great deal in 2023. You should turn off your phone when you enter the car.

You should avoid looking at your phone if it rings or someone sends you text messages. When you arrive at your destination, you can read the text message or call back the person.

What else can you do to avoid these accidents?

Avoid letting food and drinks distract you. Wait until you arrive home to eat your fast food.

Don’t be distracted by the antics of your children in the car. You might be distracted by a child’s temper tantrum but it could prove deadly if you aren’t paying attention.

It is not a good idea to fix your hair or adjust your makeup while looking in the mirror. You could also cause an accident if you change the temperature or radio in your car.

You can be distracted by attractive people walking past your car, or even billboards. While you can use your peripheral vision to look out the window, it is best to keep an eye on the road and watch for sudden changes in traffic or obstacles.

By avoiding the driving habits we have mentioned and reducing your speed, you will be able to avoid a 30-mile-per hour car accident and others. You might have to drive slower in order to reach your destination, but it will be worth it.

You might live through the moment of hitting someone with your vehicle for the rest of your life. It’s possible to change the lives of both you and the person who was hit by your car. This is a tragedy that can be avoided. These statistics should prove that speeding kills, and careful driving saves.


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