VALORANT pro athlete Sick was arrested for the 2nd time in 3 months, on charges of criminal intrusion. These past few months, the Sentinels’ replacement has been dogged by controversy and drama.

Hunter “Sick”, Mims, is a former Counter Strike Global Offensive professional player. He is best known for his work at Team Solo Mid. He’s a well-known professional in the VALORANT scene. The most notable achievement of his career was winning the VCT Reykjavik Stage 2 Masters 2021 with team Sentinels. He became the secondary duelist of the team after joining in April 2020. Fans love his flashy play. Sick was benched by the team in June 2022 because of ongoing mental health and family issues.

Sick’s life and career suffered a major downfall after Sentinels benched him. He was detained on March 4, 2023 for criminal trespass after failing to leave the Ferrari dealership, despite repeated requests. The Sentinels org paid $5000 bail for him after he was charged with a Class A Misdemeanor. Sick’s behavior has become erratic since his arrest. He posted videos of himself intoxicated on Twitter or livestreamed while he was drunk.

Again, sick arrest

George Geddes, an eSports Journalist, tweeted on May 8th that VALORANT Sick was arrested for the same charges again. You may have noticed he behaved differently during the stream. “He isn’t feeling well, please help him when he returns”, he wrote as he asked his fans to support their streamer during this difficult time.

On social media, other streamers and professional sportsmen have also spoken out in support of SEN Sick. Sentinels also works with his family in an effort to support him. Even during his prior arrest, the organization covered his $5000 bail. They even sent his sister to help him with his release papers. Shahzeb “Shahzam Khan” recently addressed this issue on Twitter and asked fans to forgive Sick for his recent misconduct. Geddes and other prominent members of the VALORANT Community have said that Sick is not like this and he’s just going through a tough time.

Fans have been praying for SEN Sick and supporting him through this difficult time in his life. There is no more information about SEN Sick being arrested and neither has the sixth Sentinel.


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