Virat Kohli, the former skipper of Royal Challengers Bangalore Cricket (RCB), was a fervent spectator during his team’s game against Lucknow Super Giants. Kohli could be seen giving kisses to his fans and asking them to get louder after each LSG wicket. Things turned ugly when the former RCB captain got into a verbal spat against LSG bowler Naveen ul Haq.

Gautam Gambhir, the LSG’s mentor, also became involved. The drama was played out in front of everyone, and the Board of Control for Cricket in India took necessary action. The fines were heavy for all three – Kohli, Gambhir, and Haq.

A user on Twitter brought an interesting timeline of events to light. Kausthub, a user known for sharing interesting statistics, shared a tweet Tuesday that decoded the spat on the field between Virat Kohli & Naveen-ul Haq.

The user noted that in 2007, while LSG’s Gautam Gambhir was fighting with Shahid Afridi, Naveen-ul Haq engaged in a banter on the field with the former Pakistani all-rounder. He then talked about the spats between Naveen & Kohli, and Gambhir & Kohli. It seemed that the dots were connecting.

Virat fought for Shahid Afridi

The user mentioned Shahid Afridi’s comment about Kohli’s dying aggression.

In cricket, attitude is everything. This is the subject I speak about most. What is your attitude to cricket ?…. He is a gentleman. Does he even want to be number one? 1 again? Does he believe he’s achieved everything? Relax and enjoy the time. Afridi said that it’s all in the attitude ,” after Kohli failed to perform well during IPL 2022.

As the Virat Kohli from the past is now back with his bat and aggression, we need to think if Kohli’s fight with Naveen had anything to do with this statement. It seems that this is not the case.


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