Virat Kohli, the former India captain who took over from MS Dhoni as captain in 2014 for Test cricket and in 2017 for white-ball cricket in 2017, made an open confession about his time as captain. Kohli has admitted to making a number of mistakes, and he does not feel ashamed about it. Kohli, 34, also stated that these mistakes were not intentional and he did nothing with selfish motives.

Virat Kohli was India’s captain in more than 200 matches across three formats, and he maintained a good win percentage. He failed to win an ICC championship, which was the reason for his demise as captain. However, this did not change the dominance India enjoyed under Kohli in particular red-ball cricket. India remained at or near the top of the ICC Test rankings for five consecutive years under Kohli.

Kohli was also a great captain. The team won some famous matches in SENA nations. There were some major mistakes that led to harsh criticism. Kohli’s leadership was marred by his decision to drop Ajinkya Rahane during a crucial South Africa Test Series and other mistakes. The former India captain, when speaking about these mistakes, has stated that the actions taken were for the benefit of the team and not for his own.

“I accept that I made mistakes as captain, but I can say with certainty that I did not do anything out of selfishness.” Kohli stated that his only goal was to move the team forward. Failures will continue to happen, but the intent was always in the right place ,”.

What does leadership mean to Virat Kohli

The former India skipper also spoke about his definition for leadership. Kohli said that he learned about these things under MS Dhoni, who he spent the majority of his time playing cricket. “I learned leadership from many different people. I learned a lot because I spent the majority of my playing career under MS. Leadership is generally taking responsibility for oneself. “If you cannot take responsibility for your own actions, you will not be able to take on responsibility for others,” said Kohli.


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