Novak Djokovic has achieved all of his childhood goals with a string of Grand Slam championship titles. Djokovic holds seven Wimbledon championship title titles as of 2023. The Serbian celebrated every win at the All England Club with an unusual way of celebrating.

This remarkable tradition has been going strong ever since Djokovic’s maiden Wimbledon victory in 2011. Djokovic beat Rafael Nadal in the final to win the title. Djokovic is a Grand Slam champion and has continued the tradition each year. The record for the most Wimbledon wins is currently held by retired Swiss Roger Federer, with the 35-year old close behind.

The Australian Open was Djokovic’s maiden major in 2003. It took him five years to achieve this feat. Djokovic’s 2011 season was his best. He reached the World No.1 rank for the first-time in his career, after advancing to the finals at SW19. Djokovic won a Career Grand Slam in 2016. Djoko won the 7th Wimbledon title in 2022 to increase his total of major titles to 22.

He has been the multiple-time champion of major titles and defeated many top-most players to win the ultimate honour in London. He defeated the likes of Federer, Nadal, Federer and Kevin Anderson. Djokovic’s unusual SW19 habit of raising his hands to each court side after every victory has raised many questions.

Why is Djokovic eating the grass at Wimbledon?

The Serb has always crouched down to pick up grass from Center Court and put it in his mouth every time he wins a championship. In 2015, he said that the All England Club’s 100% perennial Ryegrass tasted “very very good”. Djokovic was previously questioned several times about his unusual ritual. After defeating Federer, Djokovic thanked the groundskeepers and said that they did a “fantastic job on the grass” in 2015.

Djokovic stated that eating grass was an instinctive decision that he had made subconsciously after his 2011 win. Djokovic was unsure what to do after the win. In 2018, the Serbian also went into more detail. Djokovic explained that the bizarre celebration was intended to be a significant tradition.

Novak, like every tennis-loving child, had a dream to win Wimbledon. Djokovic claimed that Novak wanted to be ‘crazy’ if he won in the future. It’s enough to say that young Djokovic has realized his dreams, and is now able to enjoy the finest Wimbledon grass.


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