The World Barista Championship was a thrilling event that celebrated coffee’s art and craft. This article will explore what took place at the competition, the winners, and how the event has shaped the global coffee community.

World Barista Championship Overview

The organizers and their mission

World Coffee Events, in conjunction with the Speciality Coffee Association, organizes the World Barista Championship. These organizations are committed to promoting coffee excellence. These organizations aim to provide a platform where baristas can showcase their talents, while simultaneously fostering a greater appreciation of quality coffee around the world.

The Event Breakdown

The 2023 World Barista Championship lasted four days. The competition was attended by 127 nations and culminated with the crowning four new World Coffee Champions. Boram Um, from Brazil, was crowned the 23rd World Barista Champion. This is Brazil’s very first win in this prestigious contest.

Boram Um: A closer look

Making History in Brazil

Boram Um’s win was historic as it was Brazil’s first victory in the competition. After Diego Camos, who won the competition in 2021, he became the second South American to accomplish this feat. This win reflects the growing coffee culture in Brazil, South America and other parts of South America.

The winning performance

The World Barista Championship requires competitors to demonstrate their skills in a 15-minute show accompanied by musical accompaniment. In this time they have to prepare four espressos, four milk drinks and four original signature drinks. The signature drink can be considered to be the most important element. Boram Um astonished the judges, especially with his signature cocktail.

The National Barista Championship – A Stepstone to the World Stage

Jaseem Abdulbas is the National Winner

Jaseem Abbas, from India, won the National Barista Championship for 2023. Jaseem Abbas has been given the chance to represent India in the World Barista Championships 2023. Jaseem considers this not only a personal accomplishment, but also a great honor to represent India at the international level.

Stay Connected to the World Coffee Championships

Follow them on Instagram

The World Coffee Championships Instagram page is an absolute must-follow for coffee lovers who like to keep up with the latest news. With an audience of over 112k followers, their Instagram handle (@worldcoffeechampionships) actively posts updates and insights into the competition.

The conclusion of the article is:

The World Barista Championships is more than just a competition. It’s also a celebration for the art and culture of coffee. The future of coffee looks exciting and limitless with talented baristas such as Boram Um and Jaseem Absas setting new benchmarks. Keep an eye out for updates and new insights on the world of coffee.


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