In the last few weeks, discussions have taken place regarding the hosting rights for the Asia Cup 2023 scheduled to be held in Pakistan this September. Pakistan Cricket Board has come up with a hybrid solution as India will not change its decision to not send their players over to Pakistan. The Board of Control for Cricket in India has, however, reportedly rejected the plan.

Earlier this month, BCCI Secretary Jay Shah stated that the Asian Cricket Council was waiting on input from the other nations to make a final decision. Cricket Pakistan quoted Shah as saying ” we are waiting for feedback from other countries to finalize venue for 2023 Aisa Cup, and clarity on India-Pakistan match”.

Jay Shah, the President of ACC and also PCB, initially showed an interest in the hybrid model when it was introduced by PCB. However, this is no longer the case. PCB also rejected any alternative suggestions for hosting the six team tournament outside of its own country. PCB rejected Sri Lanka’s bid to host the tournament, and UAE was also considered as an alternative for hosting India versus Pakistan matches.

Does BCCI plan to replace the Asia Cup with a tournament of five teams?

This rejection could cancel the Aisa Cup in 2023, as many sources claim. Although there is no official confirmation, other reports claim that the BCCI has also planned a five-match tournament to take place during the Asia Cup window.

PCB has stated that if issues surrounding the 2023 Aisa Cup cannot be resolved, then a new conflict could arise when Pakistan hosts the 2025 ICC Champions Trophy. PCB had previously warned that if the Asia Cup is indeed canceled, it could affect Pakistan’s plans to prepare for the 2023 ODI World Cup, which will take place in India in October and November. The ACC will make an announcement soon on this matter.


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