Gilbert Gottfried was one of the most instantly recognisable voices in comedy. Gottfried, whose career spanned five decades, was not only a comedian, but also a cultural staple. His death, at age 67 from a rare genetic muscular disease, left his countless fans and the entertainment world in deep mourning.

Important Details:

Full NameGilbert Gottfried
Causes Of DeathRecurrent ventricular Tachycardia Associated with Myotonic Dystrophy II
Career StartAge 15, New York City comedy clubs
Notable TV AppearancesSaturday Night Live with David Letterman The Cosby Show
Memorable FilmsBeverly Hills Cop II, Problem Child Aladdin
SurvivedSister (Karen), niece (Graham), daughter (Lily), wife (Dara), children (Max and Lily), sister (Dara),

An Unforgettable Comedic Journey:

Gilbert Gottfried was a natural comic at the age of 15 when he began performing in New York City clubs. His unique voice allowed him to stand out amongst a competitive and busy comedy world, setting him apart. Although most are aware of him for his early 80s stint at Saturday Night Live, he also appears on many late night programs as well as popular sitcoms.

A Versatile Entertainer:

Gottfried wasn’t just a comedian. He was also a writer, director and actor. His filmography shows his versatility. He had a wide range of roles, from “Beverly Hills Cop II”, to “Problem Child”, and even voiced animated characters like Iago for Disney’s “Aladdin”.

Beyond the limelight:

Gilbert was an devoted family man away from microphones and cameras. He lived with his wife Dara Kravitz as well as their children Lily and Max. Gottfried’s loved ones were his source of strength and motivation in the face adversity.

Tributes to colleagues and friends:

As word of Gottfried’s passing spread, the tributes of fellow artists highlighted the impact Gottfried made on the world. Jon Stewart and Kathy Griffin referred to him as “a pioneering figure” while Jason Alexander recalled fondly the laughter they shared.

Legacy of Laughter –

A great comedian’s legacy is more important than the amount of laughter they generate during their lifetime. Gilbert Gottfried’s genius for comedy will live on even after his death, inspiring countless comics and bringing smiles across generations. Gilbert Gottfried was a man of laughter. His family’s appeal to “keep as much laughter as possible in Gilbert’s honor” perfectly sums up the mission he had for his life – to spread happiness and humor.

Gilbert Gottfried may no longer be among us, yet his legacy lives on in many forms – from early gigs in NYC clubs to his legendary roles he left an impressionful imprint on entertainment worldwide. His works provide us with an important and lasting reminder of laughter’s impactful effects.


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