Harish Salve, born on 22 June 1955 in Warud (Maharashtra), has always been surrounded with intellect and diligence. His father N.K.P. Salve is a respected chartered accounting professional, while Ambriti Salve has dedicated her entire life to the field of education. Salve gained a unique worldview from this combination of finance and academia. His first educational journey began at Nagpur. Later, he earned an economics diploma from St. Stephen’s College in Delhi University. This foundation set him up to pursue his legal ambitions.

Climbing up the Legal Ladder

Salve began his legal career in 1980. Begun as part of his international legal career, the appointment as Senior Attorney with the Supreme Court of India did not come easily for him – instead it only goes to those with exceptional skill in law. The experience he gained during his tenure with Attorney General Soli Sorabjee was further enhanced, though he politely declined to serve a second time for personal reasons. But his legacy is not confined to India. He was named Queen’s Counsel in the English and Welsh courts for 2020.

Net worth and fees

Salve is a highly-paid advocate in the world. His financial status speaks volumes of his expertise. His net worth has been estimated at $6 million. The fees for his appearances range from 6 lakhs to 15 lakhs. This shows how much his clients value him. Some clients paid staggering sums; TN Godavarman Thirumulpad, Mukesh Ambani and TN Godavarman Thirumulpad each paid Rs 60 crore. It’s not just about accumulation. Salve also paid 175 crores in tax to contribute significantly to the coffers of the country.

Personal life and marriages

Salve has had a personal life as exciting as his professional career. In 1982, he married Meenakshi and had two daughters. Saniya Sakshi. After 38 years, however, his career demands led to a separation due to the pressures. Salve married Caroline Brossard in 2020. But life was about to take a new turn. Salve and his third British-born wife Trina were married in a lavish ceremony that was attended by society’s elite.

Beyond Caste and Religion

Salve’s professional journey in a nation that is often divided by caste and religious beliefs, stands as a testimony to the fact true success transcends religion and caste. His reputation is based on his dedication, skill and unwavering commitment for justice.

Harish’s journey is one of determination, grit, and unsurpassed expertise. It is a story about a man, Harish Salve, who has not only changed the landscape of law but redefined it.


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