GTA Online is in a dry period that has lasted for about 2-3 months. Rockstar didn’t get a positive response from fans after the last Los Santos Drug Wars. This update added some cool vehicles to the game and also one of the most lucrative business, Acid Lab. The players are not only able to drive the vehicles and do sell missions. Rockstar Games has released the San Andreas Mercenaries update as part of the GTA Online Summer Update.

Devs usually release GTA Online Summer Updates around July and August. However, they have released this update nearly a month earlier. This update will surely spice things up in San Andreas. The players will be joining a team made up of ex-pilots and mercenaries to fight the corrupt private military group Merryweather. The GTA Online Summer update will also include new missions and activities. Rockstar teased three new vehicles that will be added to San Andreas Mercenaries with their newswire.

The new GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries Summer Update will include a number of vehicles. Rockstar Games did not reveal the manufacturer or name of any of these vehicles.

The GTA Online Summer Update will include 2 new cars and one aircraft.

New Aircraft

The top of Newswire by Rockstar games has an image that is very familiar. It shows three fighter jets. The classic F-35 Lightning jets are still to be included in the game. Rockstar hasn’t added any new aircrafts to the game in almost two and a half year. The last aircraft that players received was in the CayoPericoHeist update, which came at the end 2020. After this update, fans will be able to add a brand new helicopter to their collection.

The New Muscle Car

GTA Online features a variety of muscle car. The Bravado buffalo has three or four variants. These vehicles are the most enjoyable to drive both in real life and the game. Rockstar has added a brand-new muscle car to GTA Online. This muscle car will be an electric muscle car, which is very unique. The Dodge Charger EV is the basis of this car. It will be interesting how this car handles. Both EVs and muscle cars have been criticized for bad handling, so it will also be interesting to see what happens with this vehicle. This vehicle also has armor plating along the sides, which means it is most likely an Imani Tech car.


A military-grade SUV was also teased in the newswire. It looks like a cross between a Range Rover Defender and a Mitsubishi Pajero. Rockstar has added this to the Summer Update. GTA Online already had some limited edition military vehicles. It looks really cool, especially with the customization. The vehicle will make a fantastic addition to the GTA Online SUV or Offroad class.

GTA Online’s San Andreas Mercenaries Summer Update will include more vehicles than just the three teased. Rockstar will also add some new gameplay features, including the much-anticipated alternate sprint control.


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