Gerard Romero has revealed that La Liga is convinced that Lionel Messi had already agreed to return back to Barcelona during the summer transfer window.

According to the journalist, Barcelona sent a plan of economic viability to La Liga at the end of march to include the signing of Messi. The Spanish top flight has disallowed certain points from that plan, and now the Catalans have to come up with a new proposal.

La Liga officials believe that Messi is already committed to returning to Barcelona two years after he was forced to leave due to financial problems.

Officials are also working on marketing the potential return of the 35-year old in the summer. La Liga is already working on Messi’s images to be used around the world if he returns.

It is a major development in Barcelona’s pursuit Messi. The Blaugrana had to let go of the Argentina captain by 2021, as they could not renew his contract.

Messi has signed for PSG, but his contract will expire at the end the season. The talks to renew the contract in Paris have fallen through. A return to Barcelona for the legendary star looks likely.

Xavi Hernández, a manager at Barca and several Barca players have spoken openly about the possibility of welcoming Messi to the club this summer. Joan Laporta, the president of Barca, has also hinted that Messi could return.

La Liga officials have already begun to plan the marketing campaign to promote the 35-year old’s return.

It was reported that Messi would earn about EUR10 million a year in Barcelona if he returned, as well as a percentage from the commercial profits generated by his return.

La Liga will have to approve the economic plan that Blaugrana has proposed. The league is said to have already begun working on images showing Messi’s return.

Chelsea’s Marc Cucurella spoke about his former Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi

Marc Cucurella, a Spanish left-back who played for Barcelona and is now a PSG star, recently praised his former teammate Messi.

Cucurella spoke to Asianet Newsable about the seven-time Ballon d’Or Winner, Cucurella played for Barca prior to his move to Premier League:

Lionel Messi, the world’s No. Lionel Messi is the No. I trained and played with him often in Barcelona. “The most amazing thing is when you watch him play, he walks a lot but he watches everything, the space.”

Cucurella played for Getafe, Brighton & Hove Albion and Chelsea before joining the Premier League. The Spaniard was raised in La Masia’s academies, before moving to the Premier League.


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