Gerard Pique is in the news after getting into a fight reportedly with Shakira’s brother. When Pique met his children, the former Barcelona star was in a fight with Tonimo Mebarak, brother of his ex-girlfriend.

The Catalan singer’s Miami trip led to an intense fight between him and his former girlfriend. The Columbian star fought with her ex-husband so violently that her brother was called in to help resolve the matter. The police stopped the singer’s brother from punching the player.

Gerard Pique visited Miami recently to see his two children, Sasha and Milan. Shakira and the Spanish world cup champion agreed to a 10-day custody agreement where Pique could spend time with his two children. The Spanish footballer arrived in Miami, after his Middle East trip with Clara Chia. According to reports, the player only got 5 days with his children.

Gerard Pique split with Shakira December 2022. Shakira has custody of Pique’s children. The Spanish footballer has only the right to spend 10 days a month and summer holidays with his children. The intensity of the fight between Shakira’s brother and Gerard Pique is still unknown. Neither party has yet filed a complaint about the alleged incident.

Shakira and Kim Kardashian are interested in the same property.

Shakira has moved to Miami, after parting ways with her former Barcelona centreback. Columbian actress Shakira now lives in Florida’s capital with her family. Former girlfriend of Barcelona’s star, the former girlfriend is now looking to purchase properties and mansions. According to reports, the star is interested in buying the same house that Kim K wants.

Shakira lives in a beautiful home in Miami. Her children also like the house because it is near a beach. She decides to upgrade her home and goes to Fisher Island in order purchase a mansion. The 45-year-old singer is fond of a mansion that the American socialist also likes.

Kim Kardashian’s property is worth the same as Shakira’s net worth. Forbes magazine has featured the former in its 2023 billionaire’s column.

If the parties do not settle their differences, the situation could get ugly. The South American singer would have a hard time purchasing her dream home. The situation will be revealed when the bidding begins.


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