The Formula 1 driver’s lavish lifestyle is not a secret to their fans. They are surrounded by speed, adrenaline and a lot of female attention. Lewis Hamilton, a living legend in the sport who has seven World Championships to his credit, enjoys these three things like no one else. The Briton is not currently dating anyone. He did have a relationship in 2016 with Pussycats Dolls’ singer Nicole Scherzinger.

Lewis Hamilton said that his love life was non-existent when The Times asked him to divulge the details in 2018. Recently, dating rumors between Lewis Hamilton and Shakira have been circulating. Shakira is one of the most popular pop stars in the world. After the Miami Grand Prix, the Columbian was seen partying with Stevenage’s born. Fans are now convinced that the two are dating after Lewis revealed his relationship at a Barcelona meet-and greet.

Lewis Hamilton expressed his interest in Latinas while speaking with Mercedes teammate George Russell during their event before the Spanish GP. The conversation began with Russell’s girlfriend Carmen Montero Munt. When the conversation shifted to Lewis Hamilton, he was unable to tell any stories about his love life. George Hamilton wanted to find him someone to date, so Lewis Hamilton replied: “I have to find a Latina.“.

Shakira dating speculation has been reignited by Lewis Hamilton’s apparent ‘Latina Obsession’

Shakira was born in Columbia and has been a huge success throughout the pop world. When Lewis Hamilton said he wanted a Latina girlfriend, internet detectives thought he meant Shakira. She is single following her breakup with Gerard Pique, her longtime partner. Shakira is currently linked to a number of men, including Tom Cruise. He was at the Miami GP and was rumored that he hit on her more than once.

Lewis Hamilton is the perfect match for Shakira, who has a history of dating sportsmen. The story has not been confirmed yet. However, if Shakira makes it to Barcelona for the Spanish GP to support Lewis, then the two are likely to be dating.


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