According to reports, Sasha Pique and Milan Pique will be meeting their father Gerard Pique on Sunday, June 4, 2019. Shakira, however, will be traveling to Barcelona in order to drop off her children to their father for a short vacation.

Shakira split from Pique after she learned of her husband’s affair. Both couples want to make sure their children spend time with both of them, even though they have separated. Both parents signed an agreement allowing them to spend time with their kids.

Although it was said that Gerard Pique would pick up his children from Miami, on the 2nd of June 2023, his ex-wife changed her mind and is now the one dropping Milan and Sasha off in Barcelona.

The children will remain with Pique until the 19th of June, and then they will return to Miami. Sasha, Milan and their father were originally supposed to stay together until the 17th of June. However, due to a delay in travel by two days they will now spend more time with Pique.

Shakira signed an agreement with Gerard Pique that stipulated the former Barcelona footballer would get 66% of vacations to spend with his kids, while the Colombian singer gets the remainder. The mother, however, is not satisfied with the agreement and has asked her lawyer to come up with a new one.

Shakira’s friend had to face the anger and resentment of her fans.

Carlos Vives, a close friend of Colombian singer Shakira, liked a photo of Gerard Pique and her current girlfriend Clara Chia. This caused him to be criticized by Shakira fans.

Shakira has a great friendship with Carlos Vives. They both share the same nationality, and they work exclusively in the music industry. Both celebrities are perfect references for Colombian music.

The Vallenato singer was involved in controversy because of this action. Carlos was trolled by Shakira’s fan for liking the picture. They made comments such as , “That he wasn’t a friend of Shakira?” and , “This is betrayal.” Carlo received many comments.

Later, he clarified the error was made by his communications team and not him. He wrote “No, no, no” to Shakira fans as an apology. How do people manage to work in that? I don’t have time. According to them, it was a workplace accident. I got into trouble because someone who looks after my things and has to check them out there .”


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