Want to learn more about Norma Hunt? What is she? What was Norma Hunt’s age? How did Norma Hunt die? What caused her death? You want to know more?

This article provides all the information you need about the latest news in the United States, and Canada. You can learn more about Norma Hunt by reading the Norma Hunt wiki.

  What’s the latest Wikipedia news on Norma Hunt?

Online sources report that Norma Hunt has recently died. People are interested in Norma Hunt 2023 on Wikipedia. Norma Hunt was married to Kanas City Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt. Clark Hunt is her daughter. He is the current CEO and team president of the NFL. Norma Hunt, also known as “First Lady of Football,” was a popular figure.

Patrick Mahomes II, a professional footballer, paid tribute to Norma Hunt on his Facebook page and also mentioned her passing.

Did Norma Hunt Die?

Kanas chiefs confirmed and shared the news about Norma Hunt’s death on social media. Norma Hunt died at the age of 85. Her cause of her death is still unknown. Kanas chiefs published a morning post on June 5, 2020, about Norma Hunt’s death.

What is the real cause of Norma Hunt’s death?

Norma Hunt, a well-known NFL football player, has died. Her cause of death is not known. At this time, we are unable to disclose the cause of death.

Reddit users have also spread the news of Norma Hunt’s death. Chiefs players have expressed their sadness over the passing of Norma Hunt. She was the first woman of football.

Details on Norma’s Obituary

People are searching online for Norma Hunt’s obituary. Norma Hunt’s obituary was shared by several online sources, but not the details of her funeral. Norma Hunt’s family hasn’t revealed details about her memorial service. I hope that the family of the deceased will announce soon details about her funeral.

Norma Hunt wiki

Interested readers are interested in Norma Hunt’s Wikipedia details. Below is all the necessary information.

My real name Norma Lynn Knobel.

Born on March 28, 1938

Birthplace Dallas, Texas.

Spouse Lamar Hunt.

Children Daniel Hunt & Clark Hunt.

Nationality American

Age 65 years.


We send our deepest condolences to her family. This video provides more information on Norma Hunt’s death.

Net worth Frequently asked questions

Q1. Q1. Who is Norma Hunt?

A. She married Chiefs founding member Lamar Hunt.

Q4. Q4. Q4. What religion did Norma Hunt follow?

She was a Christian.

Q6. When did Norma Hunt die?

She died on the 4th of June 2023.

Q7. Is Norma Hunt still alive?

No, Norma Hunt doesn’t exist.


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