Do you want to turn your daily transactions into dreams? You’ve found the right place! ACE Money Transfer is offering exclusive giveaways to Filipino customers. You will receive free transfers every time you send money to the Philippines from June 1, 2023 to August 31, 2023. In addition, you can win incredible prizes. Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure, where your transactions can lead to amazing possibilities. Send money to Philippines and unlock new possibilities.

Send money without fees to the Philippines

ACE Money Transfer offers a huge benefit to Filipinos – there are no fees for online money transfers. ACE Money Transfer clients will not be charged any additional fees for sending money to loved ones. ACE Money Transfer understands the importance of affordability and accessibility, as well as making it simple for customers to support their families back home. With fee-free transfers, it’s never been easier to send money for healthcare or education, as well as everyday expenses. ACE Money Transfer offers the most cost-effective way to avoid additional fees.

Rewarding senders and recipients: exciting incentives

ACE Money Transfer has many ways to show its appreciation for their customers. During this campaign, the firm will be awarding incredible prizes both to the sender of remittances and to their recipients. ACE Money Transfer understands the hard work its customers do to provide for their families. It’s now time to reward them.

ACE Money Transfer has prepared a surprise for remittance senders. Imagine winning one out of nine iPhone 14 Plus. Enter the competition by making a money transfer online through ACE Money Transfer.

The fun doesn’t stop there. ACE Money Transfer has a similar deal for remittance recipients. The lucky winners can choose from three Honda Click 160 motorcycles. If you’re nominated for a remittance via ACE Money Transfer, you could soon be riding your own motorcycle. This is an opportunity to thank recipients who play a key role in the management of remitted funds.

How you can participate and win with Ace Money Transfer

You can easily participate in the ACE Money Transfer campaign. You could win incredible rewards. You can win amazing rewards by following these simple steps.

  • Sign up for a ACE Money Transfer Account: If you don’t have one already, create an account.
  • Send money online using the ACE Online Platform. You can send money to any recipient in the Philippines. Your chances of winning will increase the more money you send!
  • You can nominate someone special to receive the brand new Honda Click 160 Motorcycle if you win.
  • Keep informed: Stay up-to-date by checking ACE Money Transfer’s website, social media channels, and email notifications to keep updated on the iPhone winners and Motorcycle winners.

You can increase your chances to win the amazing prizes by following these simple steps.

Terms and Conditions of Participation

ACE Money Transfer has established certain terms and condition to ensure a fair and transparent campaign. Participants must be aware of the terms and conditions. Please be aware that ACE Money Transfer reserves the right to change the dates for the original campaign. The dates were originally planned to run between June 1, 2023 and August 31, 2030. ACE Money Transfer will contact the winners of either the iPhone 14 Plus, or Honda Click160 Motorcycles by email or telephone. ACE Money Transfer is not responsible for any tax obligations associated with the prizes won.

Tax laws in the country may apply to prizes and winnings. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions, and ACE Money Transfer may use the winners’ information for marketing purposes. ACE Money Transfer can delay winnings distribution for legitimate reasons including inquiries or other factors.

ACE Money Transfer reserves the right to not verify or complete any transaction deemed fraudulent, suspicious, in violation of the terms and conditions and privacy policy, or to pose a risk to the business.

All decisions made by ACE Money Transfer, including those relating the the awarding prizes and processing transactions, are final and legally enforceable. Please click here to view the complete terms and conditions for this campaign.


ACE Money Transfer knows the importance of families and strives to make a positive impact on their lives. This special surprise aims to revolutionise the way overseas Filipinos return money to their families. ACE gives its Filipino customers a chance to send money online to the Philippines without any fees, and to win exciting prizes. By eliminating fees, more money can reach its destination and support families and communities.

Whether it’s for a special occasion or an essential expense, ACE Money Transfer ensures a smooth experience. Join ACE in this exciting campaign to win amazing prizes and send money home. ACE Money Transfer is the most reliable choice for international money transfers. Join us in this incredible journey.


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