Adam Joel Anhang Uster was an accomplished businessman and real estate developer before his life was tragically cut short in an act of violence committed against him by someone close to his family. Their fight for justice brought back into focus following Dateline: Secrets Uncovered’s revisit of this tragic event on Oxygen channel.

On September 23, 2005, Anhang and Aurea Vasquez-Rijos, his estranged spouse were leaving Pink Skirt nightclub located on busy streets in Old San Juan when Anhang was brutally killed by his estranged spouse in what became known as “Pink Skirt Murder.” Media reports have since described this event.

Adam Anhang Murder Investigation
Adam Anhang’s murder is an intricate one; the circumstances surrounding his death were highly complex, including being brutally stabbed multiple times before suffering physical abuse; national attention was drawn to this horrific crime; Rijos suffered similar but less severe injuries.

Rijos earned her nickname of ‘Black Widow’ due to her suspected involvement in Anhang’s death. Due to their ongoing divorce proceedings and speculation that it might have been motivated financially. Rijos fled Italy as she attempted to avoid prosecution before eventually being caught and extradited back home to Puerto Rico in 2015.

Jonathan Roman Rivera was initially charged with murdering Rijos’ victim; however, following further investigation by the FBI they revealed Alex Pabon Colon to be the actual culprit; who hired Rijos specifically in order to commit this act of violence.

Adam Anhang’s parents Abraham and Barbara Anhang from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada were profoundly shocked and devastated when their son tragically passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Abraham and Barbara Anhang found comfort by seeking justice on his behalf for this senseless act against Adam Anhang’s life and family.

Adam Anhang’s Family’s Relentless Search for Truth
Abraham Anhang did not let their grief prevent them from seeking justice; therefore he hired an investigator in Puerto Rico in an effort to track Rijos down. This lead the Puerto Rico FBI reopening their case of Adam Anhang’s murder.

Rijos used legal tactics and attempt at escape to avoid justice; his attempts failed, leading to him, Marcia Vazquez Rijos and Jose Ferrer Sosa being found guilty in Anhang’s killing and receiving life imprisonment sentences as punishments for their acts.

The Anhang family demonstrated perseverance amidst seemingly insurmountable hurdles as their search for justice enabled the Anhangs to safeguard both their son’s legacy and bring those responsible to account. The journey showed just how far perseverance could take you.


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