has many features, including browser extensions.’s database contains 300M+ professional email addresses and contact numbers. has been searched for extensively in Ghana and Nigeria because it is used by marketing, sales, and recruitment professionals that need contact information. lets you search for 40 email addresses and contact numbers free of charge. This only works on standard LinkedIn. Learn more about LinkedIn. browser extension:

Register for with your Gmail ID or Outlook ID and access the free features. has two paid plans for users who want to search more information.

The $79/month package includes 6,000 email searches and 600 phone number searches per year as well as integrations with HubSpot Zaiper Salesforce and Lever.

A $199/month subscription also gives you access to 12,000 emails, 600 numbers of phone numbers, and other contact information. Contactout Chrome Extension is available to make searching easier. Chrome extensions can be used to display email addresses and phone numbers when browsing LinkedIn or contact pages.

You can save the profile of a person in an ERP, such as GreenHouse Hubspot Bullhorn or Salesforce. The Chrome extension connects you to ATS.

Enrichment tool:

The Contactout enrichment feature allows users enter LinkedIn URLs to extract large amounts of email addresses and numbers. Users can also enter a URL to a company’s site to get company information. Users can also create multiple emails to be sent for saved profiles and campaigns.

About Contactout extension

On the webstore, you can find Contact Out. Over 200,000 people use the extension, which has received a rating of 4.3/5 from 743 customers. Version 5.3.9 has a size of 639KB, and was last updated on May 18, 2023.

Contactout – How does it work?

Contactout matches LinkedIn profiles with public profile information in order to provide the most accurate information. Contactout is used by 1.4M professionals in 76% Fortune 500 companies. Contactout allows only one user per business to access the service. Contactout contains the B2B LinkedIncontact information of 30M companies.

Contactout competitors:

Contactout competes with BooleanAssistant and Other competitors are Lusha RocketReach LeadLeaper Adapt, Kendo SignalHire HireEZ Nymeria etc. Contactout’s main competitors are BooleanAssistant, and Adapt. Lusha, RocketReach and LeadLeaper are also competitors. Adapt, Kendo. SignalHire. HireEZ. Nymeria.


Contactout is a very popular tool in the global market. It’s used to contact company decision-makers. Contactout is a great way to find out the contact details of someone on LinkedIn., a Chrome extension that lets you view contact details from public pages, is an excellent tool. The lead enrichment and browser extension both received scores of 9,1/10 and 9.2/10.


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