Daniel Andrews, 48th Premier of Victoria announced his unexpected resignation at a press conference this morning. This marked the end of a era and sent shockwaves throughout Australia.

Andrews, 51 years old at the time, felt it was time for him to retire despite still having “many things to do”. Andrews served as Premier of Ontario for nine years and leader of his political party for 13 more. While acknowledging their roles’ significance and significance for life outside leadership; now was likely an appropriate time to start considering life after leadership as opposed to regretting their privilege status.

Andrews hails from rural Victoria and entered politics seeking to make an impactful contribution. Andrews believes the essence of public figure status lies within being judged publicly – only time will reveal whether his tenure will be remembered fondly by society at large.

Andrews’ commitment to housing will be one of his most notable legacies. Andrews leaves behind a housing statement that aims to build 800,000.00 homes by 2034. Housing initiative will guarantee every Victorian has their own home by 2051 as its population swells to 10.3 million people, according to him, because “nothing else matters more”.

Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister of Australia, praised Andrews’ unwavering dedication to the cause during this challenging time. Andrews’s resilience, exemplified by his difficult decisions to ensure Victorians’ safety during the pandemic will be an important part of his legacy. In his warm remarks, the Prime Minister emphasized the camaraderie that Albanese and Andrews share, resulting from their 25-year friendship. Andrews’ contributions to society are expected to continue in new capacities.

Annastacia Palaszczuk echoed the sentiment, stating that she had enjoyed working with Andrews. Andrews’ resignation has created a buzz about his next move. Andrews is looking forward to some private time. He wants to reconnect with his family, and discover himself outside of the political arena.

The sacrifices made by his family and especially his wife Cath and children are evident.

Andrews met Margaret Gardner, the Governor of Victoria in a formal meeting to conclude his resignation. Andrews’s leadership will officially end at 5pm, Wednesday, as Victoria looks towards the future. Andrews expressed confidence in the new leadership and proudly highlighted the increased representation of women in government.

Andrews’ tenure was not without challenges. One of them was the long-term lockdowns in Victoria that were a result of the pandemic. His commitment to his role, since his election as Mulgrave MP in 2002, is unquestionable.

The legacy of Daniel Andrews will cast a long, dark shadow over Victorian politics as the state begins a new chapter. Andrews was a progressive leader who was particularly concerned with women’s health.


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