Elon Musk, during a call with investors on Wednesday, said that Tesla would have its long-delayed Cybertruck delivered in the third quarter 2023.

Musk said that the volume production of Cybertruck will not begin until next summer, but it has been more than three years since Cybertruck’s initial announcement.

Musk stated Wednesday that it takes time to set up the production line. “This is a radical product,” Musk added. “It is not made the same way as other cars.”

Musk refused to provide any updated specifications, including range or unique features. He said that these details would be revealed at the handover event.

Musk stated that “I am confident in saying it’s an amazing product.” It’s a Hall of Famer.

The company may have been delayed by the decision to use stainless steel , which is more expensive than the steel used in automobile manufacturing. The tendency of the material to return to its original form means that it can’t easily be stamped into parts like fenders. It also requires special welding methods, which has made the production of Tesla’s Cybertruck more complex than other Tesla vehicles.

Cybertruck’s unique design requires even less critical parts like windscreen wipers to be made to order.

The company may have been delayed by its decision to build the Cybertruck from stainless steel. This is more expensive than the steel used for car manufacturing. It cannot be stamped to make fenders or other parts because of its tendency to return to its original form. It also requires specialised welding techniques, which has increased the complexity of Tesla’s Cybertruck production over other Tesla cars.

Even minor components like windscreen wipers, which are part of the Cybertruck design, must be made to order.


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