Explore the following article to unravel the mystery surrounding the Epiqpay email and its relationship with Zoom.

Are you a Zoom user? Have you received an email from Epiqpay? Many Zoom users in the United States reported receiving an Epiqpay email, which detailed a possible payout as part a settlement of a class action lawsuit against Zoom.

This email has caused a stir, leading to many questioning its legitimacy. It is now known as the Epiqpay Scam. This article will address these concerns and determine whether the email sent by Epiqpay was genuine or a fraud attempt.

Is Epiqpay an Email Scam?

Now, the anxiety surrounding the authenticity of Epiqpay’s email can be put to rest. Contrary to popular belief, the email sent by Epiqpay was not a fraud. Epiqpay’s email regarding Zoom is a genuine class-action settlement.

Does Epiqpay Operate Legitimately?

Epiqpay has been in business for many years and offers digital payment services to settle class action lawsuits. It is a well-established firm that has delivered these services for many years and is highly regarded for its reliability and security.

Epiqpay was able to facilitate the safe and efficient transfer of funds in relation to the Zoom Settlement. There is no need to be alarmed if you get an email from Epiqpay. The company is legitimate.

Important details about the so-called Epiqpay Scam

A large number of people have received an email from noreply@epiqpay.com. You can relax if the subject line of the email refers to the Zoom settlement and payment Epiqpay is going to issue. This email’s recipient is part of the Zoom settlement class and is entitled to a payment.

What is the Class Action Settlement Payment?

Many people turned to Epiqpay Reddit threads in order to clarify the lawsuit, given the confusion surrounding the legitimacy of the email. In order to address these uncertainties the settlement payout only applies to those who opened or downloaded Zoom between March 30th, 2016 and July 30th, 2021. The settlement will be 15% of the subscription price or $25.

What is the financial gain for Zoom users via Epiqpay

Epiqpay is a legitimate payment method. Those who were unsure about its legitimacy will be happy to learn that they can get $32.32 through Epiqpay. Zoom users have until September 28th 2023 to claim their payment. The Zoom settlement email went out on May 31st 2023. Please refer to the “Social Media Sites” section for updates on this issue.

Last Thoughts

We ask our readers to refrain from spreading any false information about the Epiqpay scam. Epiqpay sent a genuine email. You should also note that the payment will only be made to those who submitted their claim before March 5, 2020. The payment will be processed into your account between two and five business days after you have made a claim. Click here for a detailed guide on how you can change your payment method in Zoom.


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